Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Cat

May 8, 2022

Saying Goodbye to a Beloved Cat

I am the one whose heart was broken.

One year ago today (May 8, 2021), our cat Seymour let go of his aging, sick body and transitioned to the Beyond. These are SoulCollageĀ® cards that I drew a few weeks after he died and they spoke great comfort to me.

I hope that these Neters bring comfort to your own heart in whatever grief you are experiencing.

This one (left) I classify this in my deck as being of two suits- Committee (the 2 broken-hearted people on the ground) and Council (the Mime of Sadness on the top).

Broken Heart says: I am the one whose heart is crying because I have given my heart fully to a sweet little cat and he has left me. I am the one who is sad.

I am the one whose heart feels torn apart. I am the one who continues to love Seymour even though I cannot see him.

I am the one who is watched over by the Mime of Sadness.

I am the one whose heart will be stronger when stitched together at the broken places.

Mime of Sadness says: My message for you today is this- know that you are not alone in your sadness. Know that others have felt this same tearing of the heart. Know that the Spirit world looks kindly on you for the love that you bestowed upon Seymour and for the love that was given you in return. Know that we are helping to lift your sadness. Open to Our Presence. All is well.


Dancing On Gravestones

scdancingongravestonesI am the one who is laying backwards on top of a tall gravestone as the sun rises. I am the one who holds flowers in my hand. I am the one who is tall and graceful. I am the one who is strong and balanced.

I am the one who came to this cemetery to grieve and to honor a loved one who has died. I am the one who honors the memory of my loved one by living life to the fullest- by moving and dancing and buying flowers and watching the sun rise every day.

My message for you today is this- there is no grave site or cemetery for your beloved Seymour. His body has turned to ash but his spirit is still a part of your spirit. You are united in this way for always. As you are with Sasha, Scooter, Minnie- your spirit-felines. And Suzy your spirit-canine.

You are allowed to feel sad whenever that sadness comes. Allow it in. Allow that sadness to remind you what a big heart you have. Your heart hurts so much because you love so much. Grief is simply the flip side of love. So… feel the sadness, and remember that you can honor your loved ones’ lives by carrying on their legacy. Think on what legacies they each left you. What lessons did they teach you? How can you carry this forward in your own life?











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