Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t want my card automatically charged for my membership renewal. Can you promise you won’t do that?

We promise! You’ll receive an email notice at the beginning of the month when it’s time for you to renew. There will be a link in that email for you to pay online via paypal or credit card, and there will also be an address if you’d like to send us a check.


How can I find out when my KaleidoSoul Kindred Spirits membership expires?

If you’ve lost track of your renewal date, just send us a quick question via email ( or use the contact form at the end of this page) and we’ll let you know. Anne Marie or one of our KaleidoSoul Assistants will get right back to you.


I’m new to SoulCollageĀ® and not sure where to start.

Welcome! Anne Marie has created a 27-page FREE Introduction to SoulCollageĀ® course that includes 7 lessons on how to begin understanding the process, what supplies you need, how to make the cards, journaling with a card and consulting your cards, as well as a lovely section of beginner resources:
Basic Introduction to SoulCollage Course EBook

You also might benefit from our SoulCollageĀ® Workshop in a Box.


What is the Lifetime Membership all about?

We created the Lifetime Kindred Spirits membership to honor those SoulCollagers who want to save money and avoid the hassle of yearly renewal invoices. We offer extra discounts on some of our online SoulCollage classes and series as well as the benefit of never getting another renewal notice again!


I can’t always attend your monthly Zoom SoulCollageĀ® classes and that is frustrating.

That is certainly understandable, and not to worry. We don’t expect all our Kindred Spirits members to attend every class. In fact, out of 950+ members, about 20-60 show up for any given class.Ā  Also, we try to vary the days and times that we hold our monthly Zoom classes, led by Facilitators from all over the world, but we know that there are always time zone conflicts…etc.Ā  Best of all, remember that you can access all of our audio and video recordingsĀ  24/7 in your Members Only Audio Library.

Tell me more about the KaleidoSoul Affiliate Partnership.

Okay! Our KaleidoSoul affiliate partners earn 25% whenever they share our KaleidoSoul site with their own email lists and someone purchases a membership, card making supplies, our SoulCollage self-study courses or video retreat recordings. There’s lots more info on this page.


I want to share my SoulCollageĀ® cards with people but I’m unsure about the copyright laws for that.

Please read the Principles of SoulCollage before sharing your cards with others. Remember also that we don’t sell, trade or barter our cards. They are for our personal use only.

I’m a SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator and would like to have some ideas on leading workshops and creating my SoulCollageĀ® business.

The best resource I can offer to you for this is the World of SoulCollageĀ®. And also the Facebook Group for trained SoulCollageĀ® Facilitators.


I am confused about which E-Books are discounted for me as a member and which ones are not discounted. Please explain.

You’ll love this answer… they’re ALL discounted, 50%. See your member home page and scroll down for all current/active discount codes and links.

The Neter concept is difficult for me to understand. Can you explain it?

Great question! To begin this answer, I’ll quote Seena Frost on page 5-6 of her book, SoulCollage Evolving:

The word,Ā Neter, comes from ancient Egypt…It seems that the word Neter pointed to God beyond God, or what in SoulCollageĀ® work we call Source. Neter meant the One from which all that exists arises. But–and herein lies the paradox of this word–Neter meant, at the same time, the Many…I have expanded the use of the word Neter to include all the guides and allies and challengers of all four suits. This means that inner personality parts, physical energies, community members, and archetypes are all Neters of our souls. We have many, many Neters, and they all come from the one Source. Another reason that I like the word Neter is because the little word net is embedded in it…a net can save us if we fall. A net can protect and hold us as we rest. Yet a net can also restrict us and prevent us from being free. Nets can feel wonderful or they can feel threatening. Your Neters are the same.

In ancient Egypt, the word Neter referred to both The One (Source)AND The Many (everything that flows from Source). In SoulCollageĀ® we honor the One in our own individual expression of our Source Cards. And we honor the Many as we create and dialog with our inner voices, archetypes, spirit guides, community members, and animal totems. When you hear a SoulCollager referring to one of her cards as “a Neter,” she means that it is one of the many pieces and parts that make up her inner and outer world (or that make up her soul).

Have a different question? Just ask!