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A Peek Inside My Deck:

This is my Happy Child SoulCollage® card. When I pull this card randomly from my deck, it speaks to me saying, I am the one who laughs easily and loves to run and play. I am the one who never runs out of time to do the things I love to do. I am the one who is curious and loves to learn.  I am the one who is happy. I am the one who loves to stop and see what’s going on.  My gift to you is the joy of being in the moment. I want you to take some time today and play with me.

This is my SoulCollage® card which honors my husband Jeff. When I pull this card randomly from my deck, it speaks to me saying, I am the one who loves you unconditionally. I am the one who is strong as the mountains and who teaches the meaning of acceptance. My gift to you is love and steadiness and the sureness of my love.  I want you to know I will always be here for you, as sure as the mountains will always be standing in the distance.

This is my SoulCollage® card representing the Little Brown Bird whose energy resides in my heart chakra space. When I pull this card randomly from my deck in a reading, it speaks to me saying, I am the one who teaches your heart to take wings and fly. I am the one who yearns to fly free.  I am the one who builds the nest and makes a place for that which you love.  My gift to you is flight, freedom, loving what you do.  My gift to you is the ability to nest and to give birth to new ideas and projects and loves.

This is my Explorer/Pilgrim SoulCollage® card. When I pull this card randomly from my deck, it speaks to me saying, I am the one who looks ahead to new adventures. I am the one who explores new worlds, both within and without.  I am the one who is on the verge of something new.  I give you curiosity and courage to step out into something new.  I give you a sense of spiritual adventure. I give you wings and new life pathways. I give you birth.  I want you to not be afraid to step out into the unknown. I want you to know that the Universe and Spirit are supporting you through any new adventures that you choose to take.

Of course, I have more than these four cards in my deck! You can see more of them by wandering through the pages of this website, or by visiting our Art Gallery or Inner Surprises Blog.

What’s important now is that you know that each card in a SoulCollage® deck represents a significant part of your life:

  • a part of your inner self
  • a person who supports you or loves you
  • an animal that has a special power or energy to give you
  • or a mythical figure which guides you

Using very simple materials, you create collage cards (one at a time) and interpret them using journaling or small group exercises. As the months go by and you continue to make cards, you add them to your deck. You can use your deck to do readings where you ask questions about your life and allow the cards chosen randomly to answer you from your own deep inner wisdom.

Still intrigued? Good!

Next Steps–

1. Read all of the pages on this website. Start with the “SoulCollage® Overview” menu on the bottom left of the home page, and then move on to the SoulCollage® Deck pages.

2. Once you have some basic knowledge under your proverbial cap, go on and read the pages under the “SoulCollage® Card Making” section.

3. That’s all you really need to begin!

4. You might also want to order the SoulCollage® Evolving book by Seena Frost.

5.  Find out if there are SoulCollage® workshops near your hometown. If you find one, sign up and get started!

6. If you don’t live near a Facilitator, or if you prefer a more comprehensive, hands-on guide to getting started, you will enjoy the SoulCollage® Workshop in a Box.

7. Be sure to sign up for our FREE monthly newsletter, our gift to you for stopping by!

8. Also, stop by our FREE STUFF page and see if there’s anything you’d like to take with you!

9. Enjoy the journey!

Recommended Resources:

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SoulCollage Audio Package- Four Suits
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SoulCollage Evolving: An Intuitive Collage Process for Self-Discovery and Community

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