Anne of Green Gables

May 23, 2022

Anne of Green Gables


One of my favorite books of all time is Anne of Green Gables, by Lucy Maud Montgomery. Besides the fact that the main character is a young teen who—like me—always has to tell people to spell her name “Anne with an E,” I am drawn to many of her other qualities: optimism, resilience, generosity, exuberance.

I have added Anne as a Neter in my deck because I want to be reminded of these qualities and to call these qualities out in myself.  At times she belongs in my Community suit of people who have influenced me, but she is also an archetypal Council suit Neter who represents the themes of friendship, optimism, and resilience.

Here is what Anne Shirley said to me recently in a reading:

I am the one with unstoppable optimism. I am the one who loves life, who is grateful for what I have. I am the one who had a difficult childhood until I was adopted. I am the one who is a lot like you- making up stories, writing, finding Kindred Spirits to hang out with…

My message for you today is this- lighten up a little! Give yourself some time today doing what you love- play at your art table, take a walk and breathe in the fresh Spring air, watch a TV show that makes you laugh, read a book that delights your heart, reach out to a friend and share your heart.


What about you? Are there any fictional characters who have made their way into your heart and mind? Maybe they belong in your SoulCollage® deck too!


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  1. Oh, how I loved the Anne series! And I too added an ‘e’ to my middle name because of Anne. I have a few favorite writers in my Community suit (Angeles Arrien and Mary Oliver) but no fictional characters . I’ll have to see who comes forward. Wizard of Oz characters come to mind ????


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