Savoring Alaska

April 3, 2022

Savoring Alaska

My husband and I had the pleasure of cruising from Seattle to Alaska in July of 2014. It turned out to be an amazing adventure!Ā  I wasn’t thinking of it as an actual adventure until about halfway through when our ship turned slowly into a magnificent fjord known as Tracey Arm (near Juneau). Ā Only a mile wide and 28 miles long, this fjord had been carved by a glacier centuries ago.

Standing outside on the deck of our cabin at 5 a.m., I was overcome by the wide silence that engulfed me.Ā  The ship glided along so very slowly at 9 mph, and all around me was nothing but raw untouched mountains, waterfalls, cliffs, and wilderness. Ā For four hours we glided up this fjord and back.Ā  The deeper we went into it, the quieter it got. Ā It wasn’t just the slowing down of the ship’s engines. Ā A deeper stillness pervaded. Ā Even though I could see many others standing out on their own little balconies, all of us were silent.

At one point I sat down in the deck chair to rest, but it was all too raw, too precious, too majestic, and I had to stand up again. Ā What I was feeling reminded me of being in church when everyone is expected to stand up for the Important Parts. Ā I remained standing for the whole four hours.

I made this card when I returned, to try to capture the feeling that I had that day.

I am the one who went on an amazing journey to Alaska. I am the one who was happily surprised by the magnificence of my insights during this journey. I am the one who felt so very close to Spirit as we slowly made our way through the Tracey Arm fjord. I am the one who stands in wonder and awe at the power of Nature.

My message for you right now is this: appreciate Mother Earth. Honor Her. Remember your time in Alaska. Honor yourself for all of your inner Knowing. Stay close to Spirit, wherever you are!


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