Transpersonal Cards

Witness, Transpersonal Card
Witness, Transpersonal Card

There are three cards that represent the ONE that holds the MANY other Neters in one’s deck.Ā  They are:

Source– This card represents the Source from which everything comes.Ā  Depending on your background and preference, you might call this card: God, Spirit, Source, The One, or anything you choose. It is more of an energy than an actual representation of a physical being.Ā  You can see some examples of Source cards on this page and also here.

SoulEssence-Ā This card represents that spark of the Divine/Source that exists in each of us.Ā  You can see some examples of SoulEssence cards on this page and also here.

Witness– This card represents the energy of the Divine/Source that allows us to become more aware and conscious of all of our many parts/Neters.Ā  You can see some examples of Witness cards on this page and also here.

SPECIAL NOTE:- The Transpersonal cards in your deck are NOT a suit. They are NOT drawn from when you do a reading.Ā  It’s a good idea to keep them a little bit apart from your deck. Let them hold the space that is your deck of many Neters!Ā  Also, they do NOT speak with I Am the One Who… as the other Neters in your deck do.

SHORT VIDEO–Ā  Here is a three minute video about the Transpersonal Cards that might make this concept clearer to you!

The Transpersonal Cards in SoulCollageĀ®: Indra’s Net (part 1) from SoulCollageĀ® on Vimeo.

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