Making SoulCollage® Cards

I am the one who loves to create art.

What does creating SoulCollage® cards have to do with spiritual crafts?

There are many spiritual crafts available in the world right now.

You can make prayer flags, meditation candles, and many more things of a spiritual nature (see the books at the bottom of this page for more ideas).

Most of these other crafts have a one time use…. you make the object and then you are done.

But SoulCollage® cards are different.

You will be making and using your cards for as long as you’re alive!

And once you make a card, you can add to it later if you choose to. These cards are always in process.

Two Ways to Make SoulCollage® Cards


When you make a card intentionally, you are making it with a plan in mind. You are mostly using your left brain which is logical and rational and goes about things in an orderly, organized, step-by-step fashion.

A Community Card for a Good Friend

You intentionally go about collecting photos of her and create a card already knowing what it is and what it is about.

A Companion card for your Heart Chakra animal


You have seen a dolphin in your latest meditation and want to make a card to honor it. You search magazines until you find the right images to match your imagination, then construct the card using some backgrounds that you found a few months ago.

This is not to say that every Community and Companion card you make will be made intentionally. These are just examples.


When you make a card intuitively, you go through magazines and collect images that appeal to you first, with no plan in mind. You are mostly using your right brain which is intuitive and creative and oftentimes operates in a meandering, spiral-like manner.

A Committee card
I am the one who has a choice.

You have found an image that you like of a little girl in a white gown being pulled forward by a woman wearing black. You’re not sure why you like it or what she means, but you are curious. You hold it up against several backgrounds until you hit the “right one.”

You’re still not sure what the card is all about, but you know that there is something that this little girl is trying to tell you.

Later you write the I am the one who exercise in your journal and discover that this is the part of you that currently is feeling pulled in one direction but is being called in a different direction.

A Council card

I am the one who is on the edge of an adventure.

You are in a card-making mood, so you gather all of your images around you and go through them in a meditative fashion. You choose four that somehow just seem to go together, and you lay them on a background of the celestial heavens that jumped out at you from a catalog last week.

Ahhhh….. this is it. You have no idea what this card means, or why you have made it. You only know that you like it.

A few weeks later, you do the I am the one who exercise with this card and discover that this is your Explorer Archetype who is always ready for new spiritual journeys and adventures.

This is not to say that every Committee and Council card you make will be made intuitively. These are just examples.

No Right Way

It’s important to keep in mind that there is no “right way” to make SoulCollage┬« cards. What you are reading on this page and on the pages that follow are only suggestions.

You can make your cards any way that you like. Remember that you are making them for you and you alone, and you will be just fine!

I am the one who creates sacred space.

More About Card Making

Click below for in-depth discussions on the following topics:

Materials You Need

Step-by-Step Instructions

Tips and Tricks

Recommended Resources

102 Tips & Tricks for Creating SoulCollage® Cards with Beauty and Meaning (E-Book)
102 Tips & Tricks for Creating SoulCollage® Cards with Beauty and Meaning (E-Book)
Just started making SoulCollage® cards and need a helping hand? Try this! It's packed with a generous assortment ideas for finding images and making cards. Also included are many resources and links. 20 pages.
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SoulCollage Audio Recording- Card Making Cafe
SoulCollage Audio Recording- Card Making Cafe
Many ideas shared about various aspects of SoulCollage card making: Where to get images, what kind of adhesive to use... and more! 74 minute audio recording with Anne Marie Bennett & Cheryl Finley. Listen online or download as an mp3.
Price: $10.00
Swimming InTo SoulCollage® (E-Book)
Swimming InTo SoulCollage® (E-Book)
Start here if you already have the SoulCollage® book by Seena Frost but aren't quite sure where to begin. This fun, easy e-workbook walks you through the process step by step. Work alone, with a friend or group. 61 pages.
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