Organizing Your SoulCollage®
Inner Work

This page is only for SoulCollagers with an Inner Committee member named “The Organizer.”  This is the part of you who loves to have a place for everything, and everything in its place.

Sound familiar? Read on for some suggestions.

If your idea of being organized consists of stuffing everything in a junk drawer, then this page is not for you! But since I’m a Neatnik from birth, I’m going to share some ideas for organizing all of the work that you do with your SoulCollage® cards.

This includes your card interpretations, your card readings, and any other writings or art work that comes forth as a result of working with your SoulCollage® cards.

Please keep in mind that these are only suggestions, and that, as in all things SoulCollage®, there is no right way.

Feel free to try several different ideas before finding the one that is just right for you. You might try one way and find that it’s just not “your style.”  That’s perfectly okay.  Just start another system and see if you like it better.

Three-Ring Binders

I found some one-inch binders at WalMart. They were quite inexpensive, and even have the words Serenity and Balance on them! I filled the binders with loose-leaf notebook paper, and a few dividers, one for each of the suits in my deck. There’s no reason why you can’t store them all in one binder…. It’s just that I couldn’t find a larger binder that I liked as much as I liked these two smaller ones!

I use the color copy machine at Staples to make a backup copy of each of my cards. I reduce the size by 50% so that it doesn’t take up too much room on the notebook paper. So each page has a smaller version of a card on it.

When I work with a card, I write the I Am the One Who… exercise on the notebook page that belongs to it. By the time I’m done I usually have a pretty good idea which suit it belongs to, and I then put it the page in the correct section of the notebook. If I still don’t know what suit it belongs to, I place it in a separate section of one of the notebooks called “Unknown.”  It took me a while to get used to the fact that I don’t have to label everything right away (or ever) and that’s a good lesson for me to be learning.

As time goes on, I add notes and insights to the appropriate pages as cards show up in readings. I make sure to put the date on every entry. It’s very interesting to read back over entries after I had been doing this a while. It’s also a powerful part of the process for me to draw a card in a reading and then look back and see what insights that card gave me the last time I worked with it.  Layers of meaning over time build and strengthen the energy and significance of each card.

I like the 3 ring binders because I know that I can always keep adding pages as time goes on. And if I have too many pages, I will just buy a bigger notebook!

This is a great way to add art work, poetry, stories, dialogs, and any other writing or art that is inspired by a particular card.


You can do all of your SoulCollage® interpretations and writings in your regular journals, and simply use a different color pen for them.

This makes it easy to go back and find what you’re looking for.

You could also use sticky notes to mark pages that are about your cards.

Write the name of the particular card on the sticky note before attaching it to the page.

The next time that card comes up in a reading, or the next time you have a question about it, you will know exactly where to look in your journal.

You can follow the same system if you are using an art journal with your SoulCollage® cards.


Some people keep all of their information about their SoulCollage® cards on the computer.

You can make up a page with all of the I Am the One Who… questions on it, leaving space at the top for a scanned image of a card.

Then simply type in the answers to all of the questions as you are working with the card.

Be sure to use SAVE AS when saving, so that you keep the original blank one to continue to use as a template.

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