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The Community Suit-
Your Support Team

My Brother Joe

The SoulCollage® Community Suit is for honoring and celebrating the people and animals whose support, love, and make a difference in our lives. The number of cards in this suit will vary in each SoulCollage® Deck, as will the names of the people and animals who are honored.

Your Community Suit may have:

  • family members
  • ancestors
  • friends
  • teachers
  • healers
  • pets
  • favorite authors
  • religious and political figures
  • and more.

These people/animals may be alive or dead. You may know them personally or you may only know them through what you’ve read about them.  What matters is that each SoulCollage® Community card represents a distinct sentient being that has held you and uplifted you (or challenged you) at some time in your life.

You can listen to an audio recording about the Community suit here.

Making a Community List


Here are some questions that will help you begin to make a list of possible Community cards for inclusion in your SoulCollage® deck. Try not to think too hard; just write whoever comes to mind. You don’t have to make a card for everyone you put on this list. The questions are just to get you started.

  • Name at least 10 living people who are or have been important to you.
  • Name at least 1 ancestor whose energy you admired when they were alive.
  • Name 3 teachers who made a difference in your life.
    Think of all the great beings in history. Name 3 you would like to consult about your life.
  • Who do you want with you when you feel like playing or having fun?
  • Who would you like nearby if you feel sad or physically unwell?
  • Name the top 3 people you would want with you if you were stranded on a desert island for a month.
  • Name 2 people (past or present) whose challenges push you to the edge and help you to grow.
  • Name some pets who are or have been important to you.
  • Are there any authors, musicians, artists, or actors (living or dead) whose work has touched you during your life? If there are, add them to the list.
  • Are there any religious or political figures (living or dead) who have special meaning in your life? Name them also.
  • Think of all the groups that you have belonged to on your life’s journey. Name at least 1 group that really made a difference in your life.

Making Community Cards

Seena Frost, Creator of SoulCollage®

You might be wondering about images for your SoulCollage® Community Cards. Most of the pictures you’ll use for these cards are photographs. It’s a wonderful experience to go through your photo albums and look at beloved faces. When I first did this, I was amazed at the abundance of people who had graced my life over the years, and how many of them truly loved and cherished me.

However, you will need more than photographs to make these Cards. You can use magazine images and/or various scrapbooking papers as backgrounds that capture their individual spirits. Explore different colors, textures, and pictures.

If you want to make a Community Card for someone in your life and you don’t have a photo of them, simply make a collage of backgrounds and images that remind you of them, or that call to mind their uniqueness and personality.

For example, I don’t have a photograph of my former therapist, but I really want to include her in my SoulCollage® Deck. To me, her deepest essence speaks of wisdom, truth, affirmation, and kind, focused listening. As I went through magazines, I kept an eye out for images that represented these qualities to me (ie: an owl, a smiling Buddha, a lotus flower).

You can do the same for the members of your Community for whom you have no photographs.

Usually the cards in this suit are created intentionally. However, once in a while, you might create a card, not know what it’s for, and then later discover that you’ve created the background for one of your community members. Simply add a photograph or two of your loved one and you have your card!  Also, sometimes you’ll be led to add images to a Community card but aren’t sure why. Just trust that the image is there for a reason, and let your heart be still with that knowledge.

Sharing Community Cards

If possible, when you’ve finished making one of these special SoulCollage® cards, share it with the person whom it honors. This is a wonderful testament to any relationship, and can strengthen family ties as well.

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Blessed Connections (E-Course) COMMUNITY SUIT
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