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Beating Yourself Up with a Feather

We often “beat ourselves up” with our inner words and outer actions without thinking twice about it.  Here’s a beautiful, fun chance to stop that pattern in its tracks!

We hope you’ll enjoy this 9 minute meditation as much as Anne Marie enjoyed writing and recording it!

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For more of Anne Marie’s guided meditations please visit these pages:

Magical Inner Journey Meditations– Help yourself to a generous serving of imagination and intuition. Each of these Magical Inner Journeys was designed specifically for SoulCollagers in exploring each of the four suits plus the Transpersonal cards.   SCRIPTS also available to use in your workshops!

Oasis Audio Breaks  – Short recordings for download or listening online. SCRIPTS also available to use in your workshops.


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Affirmations for SoulCollage® Artists. This e-book contains a whole set of wonderful affirmations that you can use daily to feed your creative spirit.

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Inner Treasures: Quotes for SoulCollagers

What do Robert Redford, Kermit the Frog, Mae West, and Emily Dickinson all have in common? They all have something important to say about how we live, work and play as SoulCollage® artists! This 68 page e-book has over 500 quotes, each one a gem of inspiration that will feed your creative inner self. Quotes are on the following topics: art, creativity, playfulness, soul, spirit, self-worth, inner voices, good health, joy, and living an authentic life. Download now

Visit this page for easily downloaded e-books on the SoulCollage® process, how to do readings, interpreting your own cards, and lots more.

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Creative Block-Busters for SoulCollagers

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Have you made a few SoulCollage® cards and just don’t know what to do next?

Are you hearing those inner voices that deaden our creativity?

CREATIVE BLOCK-BUSTERS will put you back in touch with your creative inner artist and will show you how to break free from the creative blocks that are holding you back from juicy creativity.

You will receive one juicy idea every day for an entire month!

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Sunrise Concerts

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Wisdom for the Journey

Free 21 Day E-Course….

The daily insights are focused on the themes of: art, creativity, the soul, and personal growth. You’ll see a different SoulCollage® card each day with a specially chosen quotation and short essay about each one. Thought-provoking and inspiring!

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 Visit this page for comprehensive and fun self-paced e-course on the SoulCollage® suits, animal companions, archetypes and more.


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