Expressive Art Ideas to Use With SoulCollage®

SoulCollage® is a wonderful form of expressive art.

And you don’t have to stick to mat boards and magazine images while making your cards.

As with all things SoulCollage®, the sky’s the limit!

Here are some expressive art ideas and resources for you if you feel like adding some dimension and depth to your SoulCollage® work (play).


  • Allow your SoulCollage® work to spill over into an art journal. Expressive art is total self-expression! Make a card the foundation of a page in your art journal. Use crayons, chalks, colored pencils, watercolors…anything goes! Express how the card makes you feel by using different colors, shapes, symbols, and textures.
  • Use a variety of handmade papers to create a background for your next SoulCollage® card.
  • Use acrylic paints or watercolor paints directly on a piece of mat board to create a background for your next SoulCollage® card.
  • Flip through some rubber stamp catalogs or browse some websites to find some images that really speak to you. Purchase a few stamps (or better yet, borrow a friend’s!) and experiment with different sizes and colors of ink until you find the best way to incorporate it into a SoulCollage® card. Remember, expressive art is completely nonjudgmental. It’s all good!
  • Respond to one of your cards by creating a clay sculpture that expresses your feelings about it. You can use Play Dough, Sculpey, or any number of air-dry clays that are available in art and craft supply stores.
  • Create an altered book using some of your SoulCollage® images. Use a life’s journey theme that you’ve discovered in your deck (trust, body image, inner children, various animals…etc). Or create an altered book focused on one of the four suits. You could make an altered book to honor your Companions, or one filled with Council members. Or look at themes within your Committee members only. To see some cool samples of altered book pages, click here (and scroll down).

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