I made this SoulCollage card intuitively. I had been collecting the images for quite a while and they seemed to belong together… they fit together so well when I was arranging them on the mat board!Ā 

I love the feeling I get whenever I draw this card in a reading.Ā  It’s a Committee suit card that represents one of my inner parts or inner voices. Here is what this Neter said to me when I asked “Who are you?” and “What message do you have for me today?”

I am the one who loves a good, happy SURPRISE!

I am the one who loves creating surprises for others. I am the one who is all about giving and receiving.

My message for you today is all about JOY. Stay tuned to all the joyful moments that pop up and surprise you. Some are little, some are big. Allow your DELIGHT in these surprises to lift your spirit and lighten your heart (and mind!). Give thanks for these little and big moments. They are what makes your life enJOYable!

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