Cat Whisperer’s Wisdom on Aging

January 6, 2023

Cat Whisperer’s Wisdom on Aging

After watching my mother-in-law’s slow decline and eventual death last year, I turned to my deck for help/guidance with my own aging process. This card in particular spoke wisdom and clarity.

Who Are You?

I am the one who loves cats and holds them close to my heart.

I am the one who understands cats.

am the one who has been blessed over the years with the safe-keeping of five cats (and one dog).

I am the one who receives comfort and peace from the felines who have joined me on my journey.

What Do You Have to Say to Me Today?

What I say to you about your aging is this…. you have watched four of those cats (and one dog) as they aged, and you have guided them through their own aging process. The cat currently in your safe-keeping is showing preliminary signs of aging now.

You have learning that there is no stopping the aging, no matter what you do.

I urge you to care for your own body and spirit as carefully and wisely and lovingly as you cared for Sasha, Scooter, Minnie, Suzy, Seymour, and as you are now caring for Louis.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you have a card in your own deck that whispers wisdom to you about your own aging? Please share below!

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