Animal Companions Invitation

December 5, 2022

Animal Companions Invitation

Sacral Chakra Sea Lion

Whatever it is that you’re doing this week, I invite you to consciously bring one of your Animal Companions along with you

Choose an animal from your Companions Suit– either randomly or intentionally.  Spend a little time with this animal’s energy before your day begins.  What does this animal have to give you right now… today… this coming week?  Ask it, and listen for its answer.

How can this Animal guide and inform your work with a specific project, relationship, or aspect of your health?

What wisdom does this Animal have for you as you head into “the holidays” this month?

Invite its energy into whatever is going on for you this month, and see if it makes a difference. 

Place the card (or an image) on your nightstand, or under your pillow and invite it into your dreams.

Don’t have any cards in your Companions Suit yet?  It’s time to make one!

I am choosing to work and play and move with my Sacral Chakra Sea Lion this month. 

Who are you? 
We are the ones who bring you movement and who helps you with the flow of your life’s journey. We are the ones who directly affect the flow of your creativity and sensuality. We are the ones who bring laughter and play into your life. We are the ones who thrive in tandem with other Sea Lions.

What guidance do you give me this month as we move toward the holidays?
Our guidance for you this month is this: Remember the first time you met us- at Pier 39 in San Francisco! Carry that joy and laughter with you this month and it will affect all that you create and share and do. Remember that you don’t move through your life alone. There is a whole tribe of family and friends that surround you. Revel in that community and all will be well!

For more info on the Companions Suit, animal totems, the 7 chakras, and Seena Frost’s teaching on the subject, please visit this page at KaleidoSoul.

Please feel free to share the Animal Companion that you chose, and any insights you received from the questions above,
either in your journal or in the comments below.


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