SoulCollage Inspiration

By Anne Marie Bennett

Angry Annie

Sometimes I visualize all of my “inner voices” as residing in a big castle. Each one has its own room and sometimes I visualize (in meditation or in writing) myself there, exploring the rooms and the part of me that inhabits each one.Ā 

I am the one who is so angry I am destructive. I am the one who can’t control my anger. I am the one who hurts others with my anger.

One day several years ago, while exploring my inner castle, I found myself in the “dungeon,” so to speak, and guess what?Ā  There are some parts of me that I’ve locked up down there because other parts have been stronger, or because I just haven’t known how to interact with them.

Angry Annie is one of those parts.

On that day several years ago, I imagined myself taking her hand in the dungeon and inviting her to go with me “upstairs” into my world and into my life.Ā  “Just for the day,” I promised her.Ā  I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference it made!

And it just so happened that that very same day, my husband did something that REALLY pissed me off on a very deep level (not just surface stuff being activated, but many years of stepfamily issues rising to the surface).Ā  As I was feeling my blood boil, I remembered Angry Annie and that she was with/beside me for the day.

It was as if I’d really been set free.Ā  I was able to speak my anger to my husband without being consumed by it, and believe me…. this was a brand new experience for me!

I didn’t do any journaling with her right away. At that time, it was enough that I had invited her out of the dungeon and into my everyday world. It was enough that I was becoming aware of the times when anger rise, and offering compassion and curiosity to this part of me instead of shutting her away in the dungeon of my inner castle.

I believe a lot of it has to do with social conditioning around the subject of anger. It’s not nice to be angry is a message that seems to be prevalent.Ā  Growing up, I saw my mother lash out with her anger…. and I saw my father repress his completely.Ā  I chose his way because her way was hurtful.Ā  But I have learned that there is a different way.Ā 

At first I was actually afraid of Angry Annie, but now I see that she isn’t here to hurt me or anyone else in my life. She is here to shine light on injustice and to help me forge the way to my own best self.

Have you made a card for the part of you who feels the emotion of anger now and then? My card, above, shows Angry Annie out of balance. I still need to make a card for her when she is IN balance. There is something powerful about anger in balance as a way to fairness and justice and a righting of wrongs.

Share with me below! I’d love to hear your thoughts on this subject and how you go about keeping your inner Angry One in balance.

Cat Whisperer’s Wisdom on Aging

After watching my mother-in-law’s slow decline and eventual death last year, I turned to my deck for help/guidance with my own aging process. This card in particular spoke wisdom and clarity.

Who Are You?

I am the one who loves cats and holds them close to my heart.

I am the one who understands cats.

am the one who has been blessed over the years with the safe-keeping of five cats (and one dog).

I am the one who receives comfort and peace from the felines who have joined me on my journey.

What Do You Have to Say to Me Today?

What I say to you about your aging is this…. you have watched four of those cats (and one dog) as they aged, and you have guided them through their own aging process. The cat currently in your safe-keeping is showing preliminary signs of aging now.

You have learning that there is no stopping the aging, no matter what you do.

I urge you to care for your own body and spirit as carefully and wisely and lovingly as you cared for Sasha, Scooter, Minnie, Suzy, Seymour, and as you are now caring for Louis.

Does any of this resonate with you? Do you have a card in your own deck that whispers wisdom to you about your own aging? Please share below!

Animal Companions Invitation

Sacral Chakra Sea Lion

Whatever it is that youā€™re doing this week, I invite you to consciously bring one of your Animal Companions along with you.Ā 

Choose an animal from your Companions Suitā€“ either randomly or intentionally.Ā  Spend a little time with this animalā€™s energy beforeĀ your day begins. Ā What does this animal have to give you right nowā€¦ todayā€¦ this coming week?Ā  Ask it, and listen for its answer.

How can this Animal guide and inform your work with a specific project, relationship, or aspect of your health?

What wisdom does this Animal have for you as you head into “the holidays” this month?

Invite its energy into whatever is going on for you this month, and see if it makes a difference.Ā 

Place the card (or an image) on your nightstand, or under your pillow and invite it into your dreams.

Donā€™t have any cards in your Companions Suit yet?Ā  Itā€™s time to make one!

I am choosing to work and play and move with my Sacral Chakra Sea Lion this month.Ā 

Who are you?Ā 
We are the ones who bring you movement and who helps you with the flow of your life’s journey. We are the ones who directly affect the flow of your creativity and sensuality. We are the ones who bring laughter and play into your life. We are the ones who thrive in tandem with other Sea Lions.

What guidance do you give me this month as we move toward the holidays?
Our guidance for you this month is this: Remember the first time you met us- at Pier 39 in San Francisco! Carry that joy and laughter with you this month and it will affect all that you create and share and do. Remember that you don’t move through your life alone. There is a whole tribe of family and friends that surround you. Revel in that community and all will be well!

For more info on the Companions Suit, animal totems, the 7 chakras, and Seena Frostā€™s teaching on the subject, please visit this page at KaleidoSoul.

Please feel free to share the Animal Companion that you chose, and any insights you received from the questions above,
either in your journal or in the comments below.


Radical Acceptance

Who are you?

I am the one who bows down to What Is.

I am the one who lets the flow of life surround me.

I am the one whose fingers point UP even when life brings me DOWN.

What is your message for me today?

My message for you today is this: breathe into the moment., breathe into the day.Ā  Allow whatever comes to flow around and through you. Fighting against “what is” only causes more stress and heartache.

Questions to Ponder

question markFeel free to explore one or more of these questions in your journal, or respond in the comments below.

1. What message does my Radical Acceptance card have for YOU today?

2. What does the phrase “radical acceptance” mean to you?

3. How do you point your spirit UP when life brings you DOWN?

Giving Up


Do you ever feel like giving up on a goal or a dream? I think it’s common ground for most of us, so when I found myself drawn to this image of these people on the ground, I resonated with this part of me who sometimes wants to give up.Ā 

It’s important to remember that this Neter is only ONE PART of me whole, kaleidoscopic self!

Who are you?

We are the ones who are tired and discouraged. We are the ones who want to give up. LIFE IS HARD, we say.Ā  Writing is hard. Sometimes being kind is hard. Stopping over-eating is hard. We just want to stop it all and give up. Please don’t make us keep going.

What is your message for me today?

Our message for you is this: we know you want to be on this journey with your new book and with your Eating Less journey, but we are tired and it is hard. Could you please give us some love and encouragement instead of being mad at us for wanting to give up?

Same Card, Different Day

Who are you?

We are the ones who want to give up. We are weary and tired from trying to make all these changes. We feel cracked and dry and parched. We are the ones who are trying to stop you from achieving your dreams.

What is your message for me today?

Our message for you is this: We NEED you to HONOR our fatigue. We need you to reassure us that we can rest first, before moving on. We just want your acknowledgment that this is hard for us. We need you to notice that all the Trying makes us want to give up sometimes. We want you to not push us away.

We don’t REALLY want you give up… we just need time to rest before going any further.

Questions to Ponder

Questions Or Decision Making ConceptFeel free to ponder these questions in your journal, or respond to one or more of them in the comments below.

1. Is there a part of you who sometimes just wants to give up? If you were to ask this part “What do you want most right now?” , what might it say to you?

2. What does this “let’s give up” part of you look like? What does he/she/they need?

3. Sometimes it is important to let go of a dream or a goal because it just isn’t realistic any more. How can you tell the difference between Giving Up and Letting Go?