I See You

After seeing the original movie “Avatar,” one of the many things that captured my spirit and imagination was the way the creatures of Pandora greeted one another. Upon crossing paths with another being, they would pause, touch their heart, and say “I see you.” And they weren’t speaking of a superficial “seeing.” They really were pausing and looking into each other’s eyes as they said it.

I see you.

They were acknowledging the presence and the soul of the other.

I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be if we did that here on earth. What a different world it would be if we each paused just a few seconds on greeting another, just a few seconds to really see each other, to notice the underlying beat of Spirit that connects us all as One.

At that time in my life, I was working in a bookstore, so I decided to try this there. My path crossed with many people in the course of a day at the bookstore, and I was amazed at how this practice calmed my own body and made me smile on the inside. Of course, I didn’t say “I see you” out loud to everyone, but I did say it on the inside and it made a huge difference in how I helped them, and in how open my heart was that day.

It’s also a beautiful thing to do with the people in your inner circle, people whom you see and welcome into your heart on a daily basis. Instead of just hurrying by with a quick kiss on the cheek, how about pausing for a moment and acknowledging their presence? You don’t have to say “I see you” out loud. It’s just about taking a moment to remember who this person is to you, to recognize that spark of their soul that speaks to your soul.

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