Gratitude and Grief

November 1, 2023

Gratitude and Grief

We’re well into autumn now here in eastern Massachusetts, and our thoughts are turning to Thanksgiving and gathering the colorful fallen leaves that are collecting on our lawn and driveway.  When I drew this card today, I was reminded to think on other things that can be gathered, like. . .for instance. . . blessings!

I love having this card in my deck to remind me to notice and actively collect blessings (that for which I am grateful) all year long, not just at Thanksgiving and the holidays.

The last few years have been difficult as we said good-bye to our beloved feline Seymour as well as Jeff’s mom, Connie (she was 93!) I’ve been turning more steadily to a practice of gratitude and it’s been helpful as I’ve been wading through streams and rivers—and some days seeming oceans—of grief. Practicing gratitude doesn’t necessarily lessen the grief to any extent, but it makes it easier to carry.

Who are you?

I am the one who stands in a field of flowers. I am the one who gladly picks the flowers and gathers them into my big bowl.

I am the one who is grateful for every blessing that comes my way, every single one.

I am the one who notices my blessings, who takes time to savor each one as I gather it in.

I am the one who is thankful for each and every moment of the six and a half years that Seymour graced my life.

I am the one who feels blessed for the love and presence that he blessed me with.

I am the one who is grateful for my relationship with Connie and the love that she so generously showered us all with.

I am the one who continually looks around my garden of blessings… I am the one who carries the gratitude alongside the grief.

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