Sea Glass Memories is Here!

October 10, 2023

Sea Glass Memories is Here!

sea glass memories cover with borderToday’s the day!

Sea Glass Memories is in the world at last and I am full of joy to share this new release with you all.

This is the second book in my Seahaven Sunrise series, but it works beautifully as stand-alone women’s fiction.

A cozy novel with the charm of small-town life
and the reassurance that we are resilient
and capable of love…

I love this quote from the Independent Book Review site because Elana Jeffries, along with Aunt Kit Gilmore, show tough yet tender resilience in the face of difficult losses. And they both discover, at their own pace, that they are indeed capable of loving and being loved again.

As Leah St. James says at Elana’s first Together-Not-Alone support group meeting:

ā€œWhen we experience grief, instead of feeling whole, it can feel as if weā€™ve been broken into pieces that are tumbling around inside us like shards of glass in the ocean. The sea glass helps us remember that the pain of any kind of lossā€”any kind of brokennessā€”has the potential to soften if we allow ourselves to be with it. Our tears, our rage, our denial, our anguishā€”over timeā€”can smooth the rough edges of our grief. I also believe that we can hold onto the sea glass as a reminder of what we have lost as well as how we survived it.ā€

If you have ever lost a beloved, did you think your life was over, that you would never love again?

sea glass definition book adDo you remember that feeling of being broken into pieces?

How did you get through it?

Can you see how the metaphor of sea glass can be helpful to you in difficult times?

My biggest wish for Sea Glass Memories is that when you read it, it will weave some surprising hope and even the teeniest ray of possibility into your day, no matter what life has thrown at you.

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