Little Girl Says:
I am the one who is safe.
My heart is safe here.
The Rings of Eternity surround me.

Stalwart guardian Lion
is watchful
wide awake
giving me time and space
to sit
    to rest
       to relax

I know I am safe
within the shelter of
these rosy Rings of Eternity

Spirit says:
It is time to internalize
this delicious feeling of Safety
It is time, Dear One,
to let the Lion be the Lion
so you can relax
into who YOU are now.


A few questions for you to journal with or to ask your SoulCollage cards today:
What does it really mean to be safe?
Is there a difference between physical and spiritual safety?

2 thoughts on “Safety”

  1. “Rings of Eternity” captures my imagination. I feel safe in those rings. I resonate with lion energy…”Let the Lion be the Lion.” I fear not the lion’s fierceness. She too, brings a message of safeness.

  2. Thank you Susan… I feel happy that this Neter resonates with you. I also love all the PINK! I’m not usually a person who gravitates toward the color pink, but it somehow all wanted to be on this card!


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