Card Untitled

March 24, 2024

Card Untitled

This card started out as my SoulEssence card, but recently I’ve been hearing it “speak” to me. So I’m going with the flow and listening…

Perhaps it is a different Neter or maybe my SoulEssence card decided to speak! It’s a mystery to me.

Who are you?
I am the one who is sound asleep on the edge of the Universe. I am the one who is dreaming of a life where I am free from this earthly body.

I am the one who knows that when I take my last breath, my soul is going to rise up and up and up into the soul of Spirit. My soul will blend more fully into the soul of Spirit and there will be no more anxiety, no more loneliness, no more fear, no more wondering . . .Ā  because I will know. . . finally, I will know where I am going and who I belong to.

I am the one with wide white wings— the wings of Spirit that are lifting me higher and higher into Spirit.

See? I am looking upward into the face of The One, The One who knows and loves me beyond all comprehension.



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