Life is Hard . . . Or is it?

June 19, 2022

Life is Hard . . . Or is it?

Life is Hard

When I was growing up, I learned that life is hard work. My father worked two jobs when I was small, just to make ends meet. My mom worked hard at being a homemaker. She cooked and cleaned and looked after my brothers and I. And then she cooked and cleaned some more.

When she did spend time doing what she loved (writing letters to her pen pals, creating hand-decorated stationary), it was with apology and guilt. Each of my brothers worked their way through high school and college, and then so did I.Ā  I never saw people living a life that was grounded in joy. “Joy” was a frivolous “extra,” something talked about only around the holidays, and then never in connection with a personal life.

I made this card soon after I began SoulCollaging in 2005, as a way to give image to this old belief that I was buying into.Ā  This Neter says:

I am the one who believes that life is full of difficulty, sorrow, distress. Life is hard, I tell you! Everyone has a hard life and a sad story. There’s no way around it.

Now that I’m older and creating my own life story, I find myself filled with the desire to live my life in the tempo of joy. For a long time, I struggled with this, because the “life is hard” idea was ingrained so deeply inside of me. But I am slowly learning to let go of that old belief, and as I do, I find that I’m able to experience more and more joy.

And do you know what? When I allow the Universe to flood my soul with joy, the world doesn’t explode and the Guilt Police are nowhere to be found!

Here are some questions to think about/journal with this week:

What are some self-definitions that no longer serve you?

Can you create an intention to let go of one (just one!) of them this week?

What would happen if you let go of this outdated idea of yourself?

Make a SoulCollageĀ® card for the part of you who already knows how to live with ease and joy.


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