Fearless (Committee Suit): You need more confidence. You need less worry and fear.

I am the one who runs quickly forward without any fear.

I am the one who is strong and might and resilient.

I am the one who faces life in a forward motion courageously because I know that I am strong and resilient. I also know that I am safe and protected.

I am the one who takes big steps when I need to take big steps.

My message for you today is this- you have been fearless in so many things on your journey- facing difficult stepchildren, keeping your marriage going, your parents’ deaths, cancer, the deaths of your beloved felines, writing and publishing fiction, starting a business . . .

Now it is time to be fearless in claiming time for yourself for rest and renewal and softening and self-connection. This is a different kind of fearlessness, a different kind of courage, but still. . . It is time to active my energy more and more.

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