Wisdom from My Death Card

February 28, 2024

Wisdom from My Death Card

scdeathI am serious.

I know you love the idea of calling me “Sister Death” as did St. Francis of Assissi, but I have come to you on this collage as male. Please call me Brother Death. Since you have two big brothers and no sisters, perhaps Brother Death will suit you better.

My message for you today is this: immerse yourself in all the colors- literal and metaphorical- of Life. That is the only way for you to be ready to take my hand as you take your last breath.

I stand before you, ancient as Time, against a backdrop of feathers of the angels. We are all supporting you and offering you gentle reminders and support. Listen closely, you will hear us whispering.

But remember, I am the Serious One. This is no joke. Death is no joke. I am the Great Interrupter and I spare no one. Let this be consolation to you, and let this be the impetus that keeps you awake.

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