A Favorite Card

March 8, 2023

A Favorite Card

scunknown201902I know, I know . . . just like a parent isn’t supposed to have a favorite child, I’m probably not supposed to have a favorite SoulCollage® card. And yet . . . I do have one and this is it!  For now, anyway. 

Seriously, I love all of my Neters because they are important parts of me and my life’s journey. But do I love them equally? Hmmm…. Let me know in the comments below if you have some favorite Neters or if you love them all equally.

I am the one who has just heard the funniest thing, and I am the one who is laughing with delight!

I am the one whose hands are pressed together.

I am the one who is sitting in a chair against a backdrop of stars and sunset.

I am the one who is no longer young but who is just glad to be present where I am.

I am the one who loves my life, no matter what I look like or how old I get!

My message for you today is this . . . laugh, dear girl, laugh! Your life is a good one and the more grateful you are, the better you will feel. What makes you laugh? You are too serious, dear one! Laugh and smile more . . . the world will look different to you then.

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