A Reading to Help When Grieving

March 11, 2023

A Reading to Help When Grieving

A friend of mine recently died, and as I found the sadness lingering, I turned to my deck and asked this question, then drew 3 cards randomly and let them answer”

What would Karen want me to knowĀ  OR what would she say to me right now in my grief?

Grandma and Grandpa Anderson
Community Suit

We are the ones whose love created your mother, Ruth.

We are the ones who are your ancestors watching over you. We are the ones who are part of your Bright Ones.

We are the ones whose love is still holding you within Indraā€™s Net.

What Karen wants you to know right now, today, is that she is also held within the Net

of her own ancestorsā€™ love and care.

She wants you to know that love never ends, that love doesnā€™t die once our bodies die.


Committee Suit

I am the one who sits still in the silence and lets my heart open wide in blossom.

I am the one who prays, who holds space for all the parts of myself. I am the one who listens within.

I am the one who practices radical acceptance of every thought and feeling that passes through me.

I am the one who remembers that all thoughts and feelings DO pass though me!

What Karen wants you to know is that you can remain peaceful and connected with yourself,

in spite of your grief and sadness.

She wants you to know that just as meditation is a practice, so is grief a practice.


Death Card 2- Helpless Scarecrow

This Side of Death
Council Suit

I am the one who is on THIS side of the Great White Curtain that separates the Living from the Dead.

I am the one who is immobile and dried out and stuck here in the Not Knowing.

I am the one who is afraid for the Great White Curtain to be lifted
AND I am the one who is curious about what is on the other side of it.

I am the one who knows that my time will come and all will be revealed.

What Karen wants you to know right now is that there is nothing to fear,
that there is only Love, Great Love, on the other side of the Great White Curtain.

She wants you to know that all is well.Ā  All is well, on both sides of the Curtain that divides the living from the ā€œdead.ā€


If you would find it helpful, you might bring to mind a loved one who has died, and ask the same question of your deck, then draw 3 cards randomly (no peeking!) and listen to what each one has to say to you. Notice how you feel before such a reading, and after.

7 thoughts on “A Reading to Help When Grieving”

  1. A beautiful reading for your beautiful friend Karen. May memories of her Goodness continue to bless you, dear Anne Marie.

  2. Thank you for this idea as a way to connect with Karen, Anne Marie. I’m going to do it now. It must have felt like another synchronistic moment when you pulled the card, This Side of Death, and your Grandma and Grandpa Anderson card, who are on the other side. The Meditator card certainly seems like a good reminder of what you can do now in your grief. It’s so helpful to get clarity and messages from the other side as we continue to process her passing. I also received a box from her last week with mementos she thoughtfully curated and a beautiful card she wrote. You may have, too. It was very moving for me to know she had planned this missive and to feel as if she was reaching out to me beyond the grave. Thank you for honoring her in this way on the first day of spring. Her memory is a blessing.

    • Thank you, dear Stephanie! I’m curious to know what cards you drew, and what Karen said to you through them. And yes, I got a similar box which brought me to tears. What a surprise and so thoughtful of her to do this. I felt so much closer to her. Blessings on your week, Anne Marie

  3. Dear Anne Marie:
    What a lovely way to honor Karen Regina. I remember seeing her in many of the offerings that you have had in Kaleidosoul and in perfictionists.
    Sorry to hear about her passing, but I am glad that she has gone peacefully into the next cycle that life brings to us.
    My heartfelt condolences. May she live on in your heart and in the many things that she has shared with all of us.
    Patty Ballinger

  4. I am very sad to read of Karens passing. She brought so much to each class on Zoom. She once told me about all the magazines she subscribed to for her images. I was in awe for sure. Her cards were amazing and were like perfection to me. She really put herself into the process and the results were superior. I always wondered why i couldn’t find such appropriate images. She had them for me to admire.
    Her beauty and choice of clothes will remain in my image of her and I can see her being a Heavenly SoulCollage Angel and teacher as we remember her as one here on Earth. Carry on the process Karen with Seena. A new mission is just beginning. You will be missed. You are a heavenly Queen now. Queen Karen. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

  5. Anne Marie: I’m sorry to hear about Karen’s passing. I did not know her. These are beautiful messages provided from you neters. I love the synchronicity of Karen’s card showing up in the March 5 email and her other beautiful card. She seemed very centered and spiritual. Thank you for sharing.


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