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Issue #43   January, 2009 Theme: SoulEssence

Greetings, and welcome to Soul Songs, the official KaleidoSoul Newsletter, and the only monthly newsletter that focuses exclusively on SoulCollage ideas, resources and artists.

Our intention is to fill each issue (and your life) with inspiration, soul-solace and delight.  Whether you are new to SoulCollage, or already immersed in the creation of your deck, Soul Songs is for you. 

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of
Hi!  I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage®  facilitator in Massachusetts.  If you're just starting to sing your song with SoulCollage, this column is especially for you.

Diamond in the Darkness

Let me start off by saying that I don't have a SoulEssence card for my Deck yet. I actually was thinking last month that I "should" make one, so I'd have something to write about in this column, but then I realized that that would defeat the whole purpose of SoulCollage! I have decided to trust that, as with my Witness card, my SoulEssence card will be "born" when the time is right, when the right images come together for me, and when it is ready to show itself to me.

In the meantime, I have a story to share about what SoulEssence means to me. Twenty years ago, in a 12 Step Meeting, a man named Steve told us something that has vividly remained with me all these years.
He believed that inside every one of us, at our deepest core center, lives a clear, pure, unsullied, bright jewel-of-a-thing, and that this jewel reflects us exactly as God intended when He/She created us. I loved that image so much that in my quiet-time meditations then (and since) I have been led to visualize a large, perfect diamond nestled in a tray of soft purple velvet, and presented on a crystal pedestal in a tiny room several floors beneath the surface in my own personal (imaginary) Inner Sanctuary. That diamond represents the real me, the true me, the most authentic core of my being. It is precious, valuable, and perfect exactly as it is.

Over the years, my Diamond became dirtied and seemingly flawed with the fears and insecurities that I inherited from my parents and from our media-influenced culture. I wasn't taught to value its worth to me, and to those around me, so I turned off the lights and locked it away in that small, dark room beneath the surface of my soul. I didn't even want to open the door and look at it because that room was so filled with emotional trash and garbage from my past: memories that had not healed, emotions that had never truly been felt.

As the years went by, however, my healing journey continued with the help of many more 12 Step Meetings, and my church community. Little by little, I was able to venture down into that special room, turn on the lights, and clear away some of the garbage, until I was able to recognize that Diamond again as my own true center.

When I heard Seena talking about the SoulEssence card a few years ago, I remembered this story about my own personal Diamond in the Darkness and realized that I knew exactly what she was saying!

Reflection Activity:  I invite all of you, in this brand New Year, to spend some quiet time in the days ahead, investigating your own precious Diamond in the Darkness. Have you locked it away as I once did? Is it darkened with the dust of neglect and self-abuse? Can you clear away some garbage from the past in order to actually see it again? Or if your own inner Diamond is easily accessible because of the inner work you've been doing over the years, how can you help it to shine a little brighter? How can you "light it up" a bit more this month, this year?

If you are interested in learning more about the SoulEssence card, and the other two transpersonal cards (Source and Witness), I highly recommend listening to the audio recording of Mariabruna Sirabella's tele-class from November 2008. It is available in the Members Only Audio Library and you can access it 24/7 by becoming a KaleidoSoul Kindred Spirit Member.

Anne Marie Bennett is a freelance writer, self-taught artist, SoulCollage® Facilitator and Facilitator Trainer who trained with Seena Frost. Her background is elementary education, computer software training, writing, and mixed media art. She lives, laughs, writes, and sings (and makes her own SoulCollage® cards!) in Beverly, MA. More of Anne Marie's cards/interpretations are available on her blog, Inner Surprises.

Soul Symphonies with Karen

My name is Karen Mann and I'm a SoulCollage® facilitator from Melbourne, Australia. This column is for those of you who have already made some cards & are ready to discover the symphony of voices inside of you and around you. 

My SoulEssence Card and my Evolving SoulCollage Deck

My experience with making a card to represent my SoulEssence has taught me once again about the power of "trusting the process" and waiting for the right image to find me. When I began making my SoulCollage deck (in 2004) it was prior to the introduction of the SoulEssence card to the deck. Upon my learning about the SoulEssence card I came upon an existing un-named card in my deck which I began to use as my SoulEssence card. The black and white image of the hands holding a ball of light seemed to match Seena's definition of the SoulEssence representing a "unique spark of Source" or a "spark of divinity". The naked woman could represent the unadulterated potential within and the innocent child looking at the butterfly could also represent the potential within us all to fulfill our destiny. On a logical level, this card which had previously not made much sense for me, now seemed to have a purpose and a name. I began to use this card as my SoulEssence card.

The only thing is, it never really did feel exactly right. There was nothing I could really describe or explain. It just didn't feel like the exact right card to represent my own personal spark of divine destiny. When it came time for me to write an article about my SoulEssence card last week, I was feeling a little uneasy. I wasn't sure what I was going to write, because I wasn't sure I was happy with my SoulEssence card.

As I went to my deck to get my SoulEssence card today I came across another card which I had made intuitively a number of months ago and had loved at the time, but until now I had not named or done any work with it. This card is beautiful. It makes my heart sing when I look at it. Today when I looked at it I just "knew" it was my SoulEssence card. I got a warm glowing feeling inside, and I too felt that "YES" feeling that Seena described when she remade her Source card (you can read the article on this page).

So today I found my SoulEssence card, and I wasn't even looking for it!

Karen Mann is an artist, art teacher, Lifestyle Coach, yoga and meditation teacher, and SoulCollage® facilitator. Karen has been working with SoulCollage cards for more than four years and facilitates a variety of SoulCollage Groups. Karen also runs SoulCollage Facilitator Training weekends. Karen offers regular workshops in Melbourne and Geelong, Australia, and is also available to travel to other regions in Australia. For more information, or to contact Karen, please visit her website, Flying Colours Creativity.


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As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

In keeping with this month's theme, each card below represents one SoulCollager's SoulEssence Card.


Artist: Kate
Location: Florida


Artist: Marti
Location: Illinois

Artist: Sandie


Artist: Sherry
Location:  Florida

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SoulCollage SoulEssence
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