Complete SoulCollage® Back to Basics Package

Would you like all of the basic information about the SoulCollage® four suits, card making, the transpersonal cards, working with your cards individually, and doing focused card readings with your deck?

Are you at the beginning of your SoulCollage® journey?

Or maybe you need a refresher course?

Would you like some in-depth information, handouts and ideas from an experienced Facilitator?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,
then we think you’ll love our fabulous all-inclusive package:
Back to Basics

The audio recordings are facilitated by Anne Marie Bennett who has been practicing SoulCollage® for herself and leading SoulCollage® workshops for others since 2005.

How It Works

The Back to Basics Package is easy to access. After you sign up, we’ll send you a website page which contains links for all four of the audio recordings, PLUS links to where you can read and print out the
12 handouts. It’s simple and easy!

*** Learn at your own pace ***

Topics For Each Audio Session:

Class #1- Overview, Card Making, Committee Suit, Community Suit- This class is content-based and very informative, with some questions and answers at the end. Includes 4 handouts.

Class #2- Council Suit, Companions Suit, Transpersonal Cards (Source, Witness, SoulEssence)- This class is also content-based and very informative, with some questions and answers at the end. Includes 3 handouts.

Class #3- Interpreting SoulCollage® Cards- This is an experiential class. Anne Marie presents several different hands-on writing activities in this recording. Each activity is meant to help you get to the meaning of one or more of the cards in your Deck. You can pause the recording after the instructions at any time to actually do the writing exercises. Includes 3 handouts.

Class #4- Doing SoulCollage® Card Readings- This is another experiential recording. Anne Marie leads you step by step through doing a SoulCollage® Reading with your Deck. Includes 3 handouts.


Total Package Includes

4 Audio Recordings– 90 minutes each. You can listen online as often as you like. The links do not expire.

12 Handouts- created by Anne Marie Bennett specifically to make your SoulCollage® journey easy and fun.



SoulCollage Back to Basics Complete Package
For about the cost of a full-day SoulCollage® workshop, you'll receive access to all basic content in one sweet package of four (90 minute) audios and 13 handouts. Listen online or download as mp3s. Additional support from Anne Marie Bennett via email on request!
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