The Rainbow Women Series

January 27, 2018

The Rainbow Women Series

Here’s my favorite story of synchronicity that plays out in my deck.Ā  There are four cards involved and although they were created out of order, they tell a complete story. Some were created intuitively and some were created intentionally.

This is the first card that I made in this series, although at the time, I had no idea I was making a series!Ā  I made this card completely intuitively, and it baffled me for a long, long time.Ā  The most I could ever get out of this Neter was:

We are the ones wearing colorful robes. We are the ones who are standing on the other side of the river. We are the ones who are covered up. We are the ones who are looking at the other side of the river where the Light is and where the bright buildings are.Ā  We are the ones who are unsure of how to get to the other side of this river.



This card came next, although not immediately. Several months down the road or maybe even a year or more. The first time I asked these women “Who are you?” and they started talking about wearing colorful robes, I had a little shivery AHA moment!Ā  So I went back through my deck and found the first card and put them side by side.

WOW!Ā  My brain synapses were having a field day making connections!

In light of the first card, these Rainbow Women were saying to me:

We are the ones wearing colorful robes. We are the ones who have turned around but whose faces are still hidden. We are the ones on the edge of the river. We are the ones who are imploring you to help us get across the river.

I had another shivery AHA moment when I realized that there were BOATS on this card but that the womens’ backs were to the boats so they couldn’t see them!


A few months later I came across the image of the four women in the lower left of this card, wearing bright dresses of similar colors as the hooded/masked women.Ā  Thus ensued another shivery AHA moment as I immediately thought of my hooded Rainbow Women.Ā  Look, I thought to myself, here they are… and now they are unmasked and happy, because they used the boats to get to the other side of the river, where they longed to be!

I made this card intentionally, adding a woman wearing bright purple and the same image of the boats in the background, and voila!

We are the ones who have come into our own. We are the ones who found the boats and used them to cross the river to where the Light is and where the bright buildings are. We are the ones who got there on our own power. We are the ones who no longer have to be covered up and masked, but we still love wearing bright colors!


Much later I found these images of women completely robed in black and gray and darned if I didn’t have another shivery AHA moment!Ā Ā  I immediately remembered the story of my Rainbow Women and instinctively knew that these robed women were related to them so I made this card intentionally as a precursor to the series.

We are the ones who are completely robed. We dare not show our faces.Ā  We are completely covered. No one can see us. No one can hear us.Ā  All is dark. We are unknown, unseen, unheard.

Now… from this series of cards which were made over a span of a few years, I have learned a huge lesson about synchronicity.

Carl Jung defined synchronicity as “meaningful coincidences.”Ā  Ah, yes!Ā  Lots of meaningful coincidences were involved here for me.Ā  Such a coincidence that I found these images of robed women in similar colors!Ā  Such a coincidence that the boats were right there, to help those robed women get across the river.

And the huge lesson I’ve learned?Ā  Pay attention!

Pay attention to those shivery AHA moments when you are looking at an image.Ā  You know what I mean… that tingle in your spine, a trembling in your fingers, your breath catching in your throat, your heart starting to beat a little faster… those are signals, dear ones… signals to pay attention to whatever you’re looking at, whatever you’re hearing, whatever you’re thinking or feeling.

Pay attention to those signals from your body because it means you’re onto something good!Ā  It means something important is about to be make its way into your consciousness. New insights and deep discoveries are on the horizon.

So… if you come across an image that startles or shocks you, pay attention.Ā  It might shock you in a delightful way, or in a way that brings up fear.Ā  Either way, don’t dismiss the image!Ā  Add it to your pile. You don’t have to do something with it right away. Just let it know that you saw it, that you are paying attention, and give it some room, some time, some space, to let it breathe.Ā  After a while, it won’t seem as scary to you and it will be easier for it to tell you who it is and what wisdom it has for you.

Because I paid attention to those shivery aha moments from my body, I now have a complete series of four cards/Neters that tell a whole story. I made them in a completely different order, but here is the whole story of my Rainbow Women:






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