Animus- Male Energy

February 19, 2018

Animus- Male Energy

I don’t know about y’all, but I have a preponderance of female images in my deck. It might be because I’m a woman.Ā  It might be because most magazines use women in their ads because the magazines are geared towards women.

Last year I hosted one of our monthly KaleidoSoul SoulCollageĀ® classes which was brilliantly facilitated by our own Mariabruna Sirabella. Her topic was “Embracing Your Inner Masculine,” and I have since been consciously choosing more male images to incorporate into my cards.

Here’s what this one said to me.

Who are you?
I am the one who is decidedly male yet feminine energy surrounds me in the crescent moon behind me in the sky and engraved on my palm.Ā  I am the one who is intense, strong, male, confident.

I am the one whose hard tight angles are softened by the sky. I am the one surrounded by falling leaves and Crow energy.Ā  I am the one who exists inside of you as surely as your softer, wiser, inner-knowing feminine side.

My message for you today is this: use MY energy to let go of what you no longer need. This is how: decide that you can, decide that you will.Ā  End of story.


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