By Anne Marie Bennett

I See You

After seeing the original movie “Avatar,” one of the many things that captured my spirit and imagination was the way the creatures of Pandora greeted one another. Upon crossing paths with another being, they would pause, touch their heart, and say “I see you.” And they weren’t speaking of a superficial “seeing.” They really were pausing and looking into each other’s eyes as they said it.

I see you.

They were acknowledging the presence and the soul of the other.

I’ve been thinking how wonderful it would be if we did that here on earth. What a different world it would be if we each paused just a few seconds on greeting another, just a few seconds to really see each other, to notice the underlying beat of Spirit that connects us all as One.

At that time in my life, I was working in a bookstore, so I decided to try this there. My path crossed with many people in the course of a day at the bookstore, and I was amazed at how this practice calmed my own body and made me smile on the inside. Of course, I didn’t say “I see you” out loud to everyone, but I did say it on the inside and it made a huge difference in how I helped them, and in how open my heart was that day.

It’s also a beautiful thing to do with the people in your inner circle, people whom you see and welcome into your heart on a daily basis. Instead of just hurrying by with a quick kiss on the cheek, how about pausing for a moment and acknowledging their presence? You don’t have to say “I see you” out loud. It’s just about taking a moment to remember who this person is to you, to recognize that spark of their soul that speaks to your soul.

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My Inner TV Lover


Since I was a little girl in the sixties, I have always been drawn to the television. To me, it always seemed to be a temple of magic- a way to get to know people I ordinarily wouldn’t meet and to visit places that were beyond my family’s reach at that time.

As I grew older, I came to realize that certain TV shows were similar to the books I loved to read- portals into other worlds, a vivid, visual, visceral means of StoryTelling.

I made this card to honor this part of me who loves discovering new TV shows that make me laugh, make me think, make me cry, and connect me to fascinating ideas and ways of looking at the world.



Who are you?

I am the one who watches television and who is brought into new portals, new worlds.

I am the one who is entertained by the shows I watch, but I also learn so much about myself and the world around me.

I love being captivated by the STORIES I see.

What do you have to say to me today?

My message for you is this- Sometimes I blend with you. Sometimes I take over. I work with Addiction to shield you from anger and loneliness. I don’t want to hurt you, only to protect you and keep you entertained. Just let me know when I am taking over and I will step back.

The SoulCollageĀ® Ocean

girl ocean wadingWhenever I lead an Introduction to SoulCollageĀ® Workshop, participants are thrilled with their first card and eager to know more. When I was first starting out, I would try to explain all the wonders of SoulCollageĀ® that awaited them, during that first class. As you can imagine, that got quite frustrating!

Let’s face it, there is a lot that awaits us if we take SoulCollageĀ® by the hand and allow it to lead us. There’s journaling, getting to know our inner voices, learning about archetypes, doing readings, discovering animal guides, deepening our relationship with community . . . The list goes on!

Nowadays I tell excited newcomers that the process of SoulCollageĀ® is like the ocean and what they have done by making their first card is merely to dip their big toe into the water. If you’re still new to SoulCollageĀ® you can probably identify with this. If you’ve been practicing it for a while, think back to that very first workshop you took, the first card you made. You got one toe wet . . . and then . . . you wanted more! So you took another class, made some more cards, found our Kindred Spirits community (see link below) online, learned how to dialog with your cards, made some more cards, did a reading, and so on.

You waded into the infinite waters of SoulCollageĀ®. Some of you are still wading, on the ocean’s edge. Some of you are now knee deep, and some are already swimming. Many of you have even set sail for deeper waters and are scuba diving, way down deep. You can choose to only skim the surface, or you can decide to dive down deep. Once you have been diving for a while, you can choose to skim the surface again if you want to. There are no rules. It’s all about the exploration!

There are no limits to the gifts this SoulCollageĀ® Ocean will give us, no limit to the depths we can explore within its reaches. If you think of it this way, you’ll be more patient with yourself, and youā€™ll give yourself all the time you need to explore. There is no need to rush.

Think about your journey with SoulCollageĀ® up to now as a visit to the ocean. Where are you in relation to the ā€œwatersā€ of SoulCollageĀ®? Write about this in your journal.

Give yourself permission to be where you are as you explore the SoulCollageĀ® Ocean. Remember, it’s not a contest; it’s a journey.

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Don’t Drop the Baby!

scdontdropthebabyYears ago I made this card at an Introduction to SoulCollageĀ® workshop I was facilitating. I wasn’t particularly drawn to any of these images; I had just grabbed them so I could demonstrate to the group how to lay out and glue down a card.

After I’d made it and they’d had their “lesson,” I could viscerally feel in my body the power and importance of this card. But… no matter how many times I journaled with it or set it out on my bureau to assist me through my day, I couldn’t really get a grasp on what this Neter’s meaning for me was.

Then, not too long ago, I heard someone say something and as soon as their words hit my ears, I had a bright image in my mind of THIS card.

That “someone” was Alan Cohen and what he said as part of an online class on Prayer was this: Don’t drop the baby. He was referring to taking tender loving care of our inner little one, our inner child, that part of us who is still so vulnerable.

And the next time I journaled with this Neter, here is what it said:

Monks: We are the ones who are listening, facing forward, learning and absorbing the lessons of mindfulness, the lessons of life. We are, at various times, serious, intense, light-hearted, introspective, laughing.

Our message to you today is this: accept all the many aspects of yourself. You too are learning the lessons of mindfulness, the lessons of life. Here’s the crux of our message: DON’T DROP THE BABY. The “baby” is many things: your tender, compassionate heart, your mindful spirit, your deepest desires, your innermost vulnerable child. So don’t drop any of that! Don’t let go of your most precious Self. It is too easy to give it away to others, to food, to boredom, to distractions. Don’t drop the baby!

Have You Lost Your Marbles?

Marble-ous Men

I made this card several years ago when I realized I’d been collecting images of marbles for reasons unbeknownst to me. Those images seemed to fit together with these happy older men, especially since (synchronistically) one of them seemed to be wearing a shirt with a marble motif!

It was quite perplexing to me… I was thinking “What can a card like this possibly have to say to me!?!”

But… when I asked the men to tell me about themselves, a timely message came through…

Who are you?

We are the ones who have been saving all our marbles.

We are the ones who love collecting marbles in all sizes and colors.

We are older and we are male but we are comfortable with our love of wearing bright colors and donā€™t care what anyone thinks about our hobbies or our wardrobe choices.

We are the ones who havenā€™t ā€œlost our marbles!ā€

We are the ones who have carefully gathered our marbles so we are sure to never lose them.

Our gift to you today is the knowledge that as long as you keep your body and brain active, and stay true to your path, you wonā€™t lose YOUR marbles!