She Who Sleeps Easily

April 17, 2006

She Who Sleeps Easily

Scsleep_2 I’ve had trouble sleeping the past few years. My gynecologist says it’s probably something to do with menopause. My therapist encourages me to do visualization when I go to bed. Everyone has a theory.  What I finally did was to make this card….

Who are you? I am the one who sleeps deeply and easily.  I am the one who sleeps like a rock.  I am the one who lets go of the day and allows sleep to claim me every night.  I am the one who willingly closes my eyes at night and gives in to the call of my inner dream world.  I am the one who rests and nourishes my body with sleep. What do you have to give me? I give you daily rest.  I give you the ability to let go of the day’s journey.  I give you dreams and deep physical peace. What do you want from me? I want you to stop resisting sleep.  I want you to allow yourself enough rest every night.  I want you to know you won’t miss anything as you sleep.  I want you to know you will be safe as you sleep.

This card has also suggested to me, via a Daily Reading, that I use the card and a candle in a nightly ritual, along with my journal, before getting in to the bed to go to sleep.  When I remember and allow myself to do this, it seems to put closure on my day for me and allows me to fall asleep faster, without all the usual inner “chatter.”

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  1. Anne Marie, what a beautiful card, and I can relate to it 100%, especially the part about “not resisting sleep” and to know that I “won’t miss anything as I sleep”. I’ve pondered that exact question often & recently because I observed that it was almost like I had to hurry up and live everything in one continuous moment, and I couldn’t understand it. I asked myself “What are you afraid of missing?”. I still don’t know the answer, maybe I never will. Maybe all I need is that it’s safe to go to sleep. Seeing your card and reading the interpretation is like a message from my soul too. Earlier this week I intiutively knew I want & need to make a card for my Resister because she’s mighty in me, and I want to find out what she wants so she can be mighty in an empowering way; to stop resisting, especially sleep, would be a major breakthrough. Your card’s message speak to my soul. What a beautiful thing…this SoulCollage. Thank you Anne Marie.


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