April 26, 2006


Scoverachiever I’ve been giving myself a crunchload of deadlines lately, for my personal life as well as for my business.  Today I drew this card in my daily reading.  Big surprise!  It’s Gabriella, my Overachiever/Pusher.

I am the one who always needs to be DOING something. I am the one who wants to win, to be the best, who tells you not to bother doing this or that if you’re not going to make money at it right away.  I am the one who hates wasting time, who doesn’t understand why you need an hour or two to sit with your feet up reading a novel.  I am the one who makes lists and schedules and insists that you DO them all.  I am Impatience’s sister.  We are molded of the same DNA.

I give you a sense of purpose and I’m good at seeing what needs to be done and at showing you how to meet deadlines.  I want you to do, do, do, and to forget about all this “being enough” crap.  I want you to keep improving yourself.

What I am saying to you today is this… I am the one who wants you to finish everything on your TO DO list before I let you play or have fun or do something “luxurious” like relaxing with a good book. Take a step back and look at my energy and what it is doing in your life… Notice how my energy can be channelled into balanced action for your life.  I can help you but I need tight reins.  I can help you but I need some boundaries.”

2 thoughts on “Overachiever”

  1. Wow..some card. She could be mine šŸ™‚ Even though she’s demanding you seem to have her in check. Since I don’t have enough cards for a reading I’m not familiar with it….is it a way to find out what she wants or how she can help you by asking her to kindly “step back”…like you mentioned last week?

  2. Yes, Cheryl, just keep asking her “Who are you?” and “what do you want from me?” Those are the best ways to go deeper with a Part like this. It takes time and patience and a whole heap of self-trust to get a part like this to really be honest with you!


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