A Reading for a New Pet

March 14, 2014

A Reading for a New Pet

We adopted a 2 year old cat two weeks ago and I decided to do a reading with my deck to help me with this transition. Here is the question I asked and the very wise answers my Neters gave me!

NOTE: You can click on each card to see it larger.

Who has wisdom to give me about making our new cat Louis feel more comfortable?



Divine Connection- We are the ones who represent your connection to Divine Spirit. We are the ones who are best in touch with you when you are resting quietly with your eyes closed and focusing on your breath. Our wisdom for you about Louis is this: keep your commitment to your meditation times. Smile, close your eyes, relax, remain connected to Spirit within. Spirit is within Louis as well. All is well. All is well.



scwinterWinter– I am the one who speaks to you of the season of Winter. I am the one who offers light and warmth in the cold darkness. I am the one who offers a harbinger of spring in the red cardinal. My wisdom for you about Louis is this: you have just been through a harsh winter time of grief and loss. First Sasha, then your breast, Lis and most recently Minnie. Notice that even in this wintertime of grieving and loss, you have a light within you. Notice the beauty of that grieving season. And also know that winter never lasts forever. Spring always comes. You have invited this young cat into your life to offer hope and joy after a long time of grieving.




Quartet of Judges- We are the ones who look down our noses at people and beings who are not like us. We are the ones who stare at these others mercilessly and find them all lacking. We are the ones who have high expectations of others- too high. Our message for you about making Louis feel more comfortable is this- our energy has been prevalent for you since he came to live with you. Notice how much you are judging him. Notice what your unreasonable expectations of him are. This will allow BOTH of you to find some peace.



Crone– I am the one who is old and yet quite content with who I am. I am the one who builds hatsccrones so the birds of the wild have a place to live. I am the one who creates a beautiful rainbow afghan. I am the one who loves nature and creativity and all of Godā€™s creatures. My wisdom for you about making Louis more comfortable is this: you have offered this sweet being a home, not in your hat of course, but in your house and in your family. This is not a small thing. This is a HUGE thing and a big step for you, and I applaud you. I want YOU to applaud you. And stop judging yourself for taking him away from his foster home and for doing everything wrong. This is NOT the truth. Remind yourself of the TRUTH!

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