Judge- Committee Suit

June 5, 2006

Judge- Committee Suit

Scjudge Who are you? I am the one who looks down my nose at others if they don’t measure up to my standards and expectations.  I am the one who thinks I’m better than everyone esle because I’m more creative and well-versed and better educated.  I am the one who sees everything in black and white, who is a snob and looks down on those who don’t see things the same way I do. What do you have to give me? I give you a keen perception of other people.  I give you insight into other people. I give you strong observational skills, the keen ability to notice everything about others. I give you the ability to notice when someone isn’t good for you, when you need to step away from someone else.

Are you related to anyone else in my inner family? Yes, I am your Intuitive Self’s daughter. What do you want from me? I want you to listen when I speak and stop shushing me up. I want you to know that I really do believe what I tell you about other people.  I want you to listen to me because sometimes I have valid and valuable things to say about other people.

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