Fire Dancer- Council Suit

June 5, 2006

Fire Dancer- Council Suit

Scpassion This is one of the first dozen cards I made and it is still very precious to me.  I made it intuitively, completely unaware of what the voice of the card was saying to me…. Now I know!  Here is my full interpretation of this SoulCollageĀ® card.

Who are you? I am the one who lifts her arms to Spirit.  I am the one who moves and dances her gratitude.  I am the one with passion and fire for my life, my love, my heart, my wholeness.  I am the one who sings under the moon.  I am Fire Dancer.  I am the passion within you.  I am bright and burning and hot.  I am the one who burns away the impurities in your life.  I am the one with reverence for Nature, Spirit, Fire, and Air.  I am the one who reminds you of your passion for the elements, your love of being outside, your innate love of Nature.  For your passions run deep- deeper even than this volcano’s molten lava.  Do not bury your passions, Dear One.  Bring them to the surface.  Let them simmer and burn through your body.  Feel and enjoy them.  Let your passions proclaim themselves to the world.  Rejoice in them for they are your greatest gift.  My passions- writing, words, collage, books, self-growth, spirituality, SoulCollageĀ®, music, color, Jeff, cats, theatre, dance, trees, ocean, art, friends, children, fiction, life, love, creating…

What do you want from me? I want you to let the passions burn through you. Breathe with them, give them air to breathe.          I want you to not be afraid of the passions that Spirit has given you. What do you have to give me? I give you passion, desire, and everything you need to keep them burning in your life.

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