Giving Up

October 25, 2022

Giving Up


Do you ever feel like giving up on a goal or a dream? I think it’s common ground for most of us, so when I found myself drawn to this image of these people on the ground, I resonated with this part of me who sometimes wants to give up.Ā 

It’s important to remember that this Neter is only ONE PART of me whole, kaleidoscopic self!

Who are you?

We are the ones who are tired and discouraged. We are the ones who want to give up. LIFE IS HARD, we say.Ā  Writing is hard. Sometimes being kind is hard. Stopping over-eating is hard. We just want to stop it all and give up. Please don’t make us keep going.

What is your message for me today?

Our message for you is this: we know you want to be on this journey with your new book and with your Eating Less journey, but we are tired and it is hard. Could you please give us some love and encouragement instead of being mad at us for wanting to give up?

Same Card, Different Day

Who are you?

We are the ones who want to give up. We are weary and tired from trying to make all these changes. We feel cracked and dry and parched. We are the ones who are trying to stop you from achieving your dreams.

What is your message for me today?

Our message for you is this: We NEED you to HONOR our fatigue. We need you to reassure us that we can rest first, before moving on. We just want your acknowledgment that this is hard for us. We need you to notice that all the Trying makes us want to give up sometimes. We want you to not push us away.

We don’t REALLY want you give up… we just need time to rest before going any further.

Questions to Ponder

Questions Or Decision Making ConceptFeel free to ponder these questions in your journal, or respond to one or more of them in the comments below.

1. Is there a part of you who sometimes just wants to give up? If you were to ask this part “What do you want most right now?” , what might it say to you?

2. What does this “let’s give up” part of you look like? What does he/she/they need?

3. Sometimes it is important to let go of a dream or a goal because it just isn’t realistic any more. How can you tell the difference between Giving Up and Letting Go?


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