Card Readings with my Deck

By Anne Marie Bennett

Reading for Letting Go
of a Beloved Pet


Last weekend, it was becoming more and more clear to me that our 20 year old cat Minnie was beginning to let go of her body.Ā  We’ve had her for 15 years and I know her pretty well, especially because the last 2 years she has lived exclusively in my Study. We have spent lots of time together and I have seen her body slowly becoming more frail and less agile.

So when on Sunday evening and Monday morning, I observed her restlessness, her inability to lie down comfortably, her inability to eat or drink,her physical weakness, the dragging of her rear legs, I experienced a heavy heart and a distinct reluctance to let her go, even though I KNEW that it was time.Ā  I’d been hoping beyond hope that she would be able to slip off to Spirit in her sleep, but this was not happening.

To bring myself comfort and also, perhaps, to store up a shot of courage for the call to our Vet, I drew two cards randomly from my Deck and journaled with them, after asking the question:

Who will help me decide what to do about Minnieā€™s end of life transition?

Here are the Neters who stepped forward to answer my question:


Surrender/AcceptanceI am the one who is in a complete position of surrender.Ā  I am the one who is bowing down to what is.Ā  I am the one who lets the waters of life flow all around me.Ā  I am the one whose head is facing the earth and whose fingers are pointing to Spirit in the heavens.Ā 

What I have to say to you about your question about Minnie is this:Ā  she has lived with you on this earth and now she is heading towards Spirit.Ā  Allow that to be what it is.Ā  Surrender to the feelings you are having about letting her go.Ā  Surrender to the fact that life just flows on and on, no matter what you do or donā€™t do.Ā  Surrender to the inevitability of death. Surrender to the love that has bonded you to this cat who came to you so many years ago in need of a home. Surrender to the possibility that you donā€™t have to DO anything, just let it be.

She Who Weaves the Web
She Who Weaves the Web


She Who Weaves the WebI am the one who is Goddess, Mother, Creator of Connections. I am the one who weaves the web of connectivity around this beautiful world of souls.Ā  I am the one who is a mosaic, a collage of many pieces and fragments. I am the one who is whole even though I am made up of so many different pieces and shapes.Ā  I am the one who is Indra, who weaves the web that connects soul to soul, and beyond.Ā 

What I have to say to you about your question about Minnie is this: this web of connections goes on and on into infinity. You are ALL connected though this web, every animal, every human, every living thing and being on your planet.Ā  You will be connected with Minnieā€™s spirit through all eternity because of this intricate web of souls.Ā  Never doubt its power to keep you connected.Ā  This Web exists between worlds.Ā  After she leaves her body, you will still be connected to her through this web even though you will not see or touch her gray and white furry body again. Know this.Ā  It is absolute truth. I have spoken.

Daily SoulCollage Reading- 090811

Today I am feeling a bit lonely and separatedĀ  from my SoulCollage Facilitator community. Today is the first day of the 4th International SoulCollage Facilitators’ Conference in Baltimore, MD, and I am not able to be there because of the health issues I’ve had this summer.

I am especially feeling lots of strong emotion right now because I worked for almost 2 years as co-chair of the Planning Circle team to bring this Conference to life, and today is the day that everyone is gathering for lots of SoulCollage workshops, ceremonies, learning, fun, joy, camaraderie and blessings of community.

So I drew two cards from my deck this morning to see what they had to share with me.Ā  As usual, I got just what I needed!


Person huddled in orange blanket, fire, white/clear vases in background

Untitled SoulCollage Card

I am the one who is warm, who is basking in the glow of the fire and flames in front of me. I am the one who is wrapped in the fiery color of orange, the color of heat and life and joy.Ā  I am the one who is standing in front of vases and containers made of milk glass and clear glass.Ā  I am the one whose back is turned to the fragile glass containers.Ā  I am the one who is focusing on the heat, on the light, on the fire.

My message to you today is this: Even though you are alone, you are wrapped in the soft blanket of community warmth and spirit.Ā  The fire you are focusing on is the same fire that those at the Conference are focusing on: the fire of passion for this process (SoulCollage) and this community.

Keep your back to that which is fragile and self-contained and will easily shatter.Ā  Keep yourself wrapped in this blanket of joyful community and warm fire. You are not alone, never alone. Just keep the focus where it should be.


Crow Woman

Crow Woman

I am the one who is surrounded by crows- one is on top of the Book of All Knowing.Ā  Many are flying in heart formation beside me. And I have warrior painted crows on my face and neck and chest.Ā  I am the one who is adorned with, surrounded by and infused with Crow Medicine, Crow Energy.Ā 

My message for you today is this: Crow is your Animal Medicine of the heart chakra.Ā  Take some time today with sit with Crow as you meditate. Invite Crow into your imagery this afternoon.Ā  Listen to what Crow tells you. Listen to what your Heart tells you.Ā 

I know that you are feeling lonely today because you are not at the conference with everyone else. The secret to lifting this feeling of loneliness is to acknowledge it, welcome it into your heart. Crow symbolizes community and in your heart, know that you are connected to this SoulCollage community in the deepest, most visceral of ways.Ā  You are not alone, dear one, you are part of Crow Tribe also.

Transforming Fear- 3 Card Reading

Before you read this entry, please read the entry directly below it, about facing my fears, and finding that inner part of me who IS fearless.

This article is about a reading I did with my deck. The question I asked was:

Who has wisdom to offer me about transforming my fear?


I wanted to be given some simple ways that, when faced with fearful thoughts and fear energy, I can “snap out of it.”Ā  Here are the three cards I drew, and what each one said to me:


I am the one who leans back and opens my hands and arms to receive the gifts that freely fall from heaven.Ā  I am the one who says Thank You, and often. I am the one who is surrounded by the light and voices of grace.

My guidance is to focus on GRATITUDE instead of fear. Gratitude transmutes fear immediately.Ā  As soon as you hear the fearful thought(s) in your mind, replace it with a thought of gratitude.

Fear and gratitude cannot exist energetically at the same time in your mind or body.

There is nothing else you need to know!



I am the one who is in the last season of my life. I am the one who is healthy and strong and who creates colorful things, who lets birds nest in my hat.

Here is how to transmute your fears: smile, pay attention to the little things, and go create something that makes your heart sing.



Bodacious Bod

I am the one who is in tune with my body and the energy of my body. I am the one who moves with joy and confidence.

Here is what I say about transmuting your fears: Stay in touch with your body. Feel your own physical strength.

To stay in touch with your body, you have to be in the present moment. In the present moment there is no room for fear or worry. None!

A Reading for a Weekend Retreat

I have to laugh… really laugh at the daily reading I just did with my SoulCollageĀ® deck.Ā  And my mirth is bubbling over, and I just have to share it with you!

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for three full days of an “Unplugged” retreat at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, which is in Western MA, about 2.5 hours from my home.Ā  I am feeling really excited by this opportunity to unplug, and reconnect to myself on the inside, so to speak.Ā  The retreat I am attending is called “Writing the Mind Alive” and based on the Proprioceptive Writing process. Am so happy about bringing my own soul back into my writing.

But I digress… I am laughing because the two cards I drew today in my daily reading are all about solitude, rest, and going within!


I am the one who curls into myself, who closes my eyes and goes within, who rests in the solid, secure knowing that I am safe, that the waves will not overtake me or wash me away.

I am the one who is at home tucked away in my soft, beautiful shell.Ā  I am the one who is at home near the ocean, water.

I am the one who is watched over and protected by luscious purple divine growth. I am the one who is watched over while i sleep, protected while I go on inner journeys.

My message for you today is this… enjoy your Unplugged weekend.Ā  Rest in the safety that accompanies all of your inner journeys. Breathe. Rest. All is well.


I am the one who is content to just BE.Ā  I am the one who doesn’t always have to be DOING something.Ā  I am the one who gives you permission to rest.

It is not a coincidence that you drew these two cards today, right before your Kripalu retreat.Ā  This is a retreat that you are receiving, not giving, not leading… but a retreat for YOU to receive.Ā  Give yourself permission to rest while you are there. Give yourselfĀ  permission to receive.Ā  Relax. Be still. Let go.Ā  And see what comes to you.

Birthday Reading

I usually draw two cards from my Deck every day, as a way to stay in touch with the inner and outer energies in my life.Ā  Thursday was my 54th birthday and on that day I chose two really special cards.Ā  These are cards I have not worked with since I made them, but cards that have special meaning to me nonetheless.

Anne Marie at 12

I am the one who is only 12 years old. I am the one who has been watched over since I was born. I am the one who has been guided and protected by these female figures of light. I am the one who is not alone, who has never been alone, who never will be alone.

My message for you today is this: These guardian beings are still with you today, right now. Pause. Close your eyes. Hear them. Feel them. Open to them. Happy Birthday!

Crow Woman

I am the one who wears crow paint, who is marked with the sign of Crow. I am the one who is protected by Crow Energy, Crow Love.Ā  I am the one who looks ahead to the future.Ā  My message for you today is this- you are not alone. You are guided and protected by deep Crow energy.Ā  It is very strong in your life even though you may not understand it.Ā  Be patient.Ā  Open your heart as you look ahead to the next year of your life.