Transforming Fear- 3 Card Reading

January 22, 2011

Transforming Fear- 3 Card Reading

Before you read this entry, please read the entry directly below it, about facing my fears, and finding that inner part of me who IS fearless.

This article is about a reading I did with my deck. The question I asked was:

Who has wisdom to offer me about transforming my fear?


I wanted to be given some simple ways that, when faced with fearful thoughts and fear energy, I can “snap out of it.”Ā  Here are the three cards I drew, and what each one said to me:


I am the one who leans back and opens my hands and arms to receive the gifts that freely fall from heaven.Ā  I am the one who says Thank You, and often. I am the one who is surrounded by the light and voices of grace.

My guidance is to focus on GRATITUDE instead of fear. Gratitude transmutes fear immediately.Ā  As soon as you hear the fearful thought(s) in your mind, replace it with a thought of gratitude.

Fear and gratitude cannot exist energetically at the same time in your mind or body.

There is nothing else you need to know!



I am the one who is in the last season of my life. I am the one who is healthy and strong and who creates colorful things, who lets birds nest in my hat.

Here is how to transmute your fears: smile, pay attention to the little things, and go create something that makes your heart sing.



Bodacious Bod

I am the one who is in tune with my body and the energy of my body. I am the one who moves with joy and confidence.

Here is what I say about transmuting your fears: Stay in touch with your body. Feel your own physical strength.

To stay in touch with your body, you have to be in the present moment. In the present moment there is no room for fear or worry. None!

4 thoughts on “Transforming Fear- 3 Card Reading”

  1. Beautiful and Wise! We can’t hold thoughts of gratitude and fear at the same time, so Gratitude is the perfect antidote for fear.

  2. I am always amazed at how we are given what we need from our card readings…it is mysterious…our cards truly have energy within them waiting to be released just for the asking!

  3. Dear Anne Marie, Rereading this piece so paralleled my intention to do the next four SoulCollageĀ® Retreat Days on Joy, Fear, Sadness and Anger.
    Yours on Fear is truly a gift to everyone who reads it.
    Blessings, Win


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