Reading for my 60th Birthday

June 1, 2016

Reading for my 60th Birthday

Who has wisdom or advice for me
as I enter my 60th year?

Sacred Markings
Sacred Markings

Sacred Markings- I am the one who has markings on my body. I am the one who is inwardly AND outwardly aware.  I am the one who is tenderly offering my gift to the world.  My gift to you is the flame of your inner seeing.  I give you the ability to see clearly, both inside and out.

My wisdom for you as you turn 60 is this- Keep a healthy balance of Eyes Closed – Eyes Open, and continue to tenderly share whatever you see with the world, your world.  Trust that the waters of Spirit will carry your gifts to those who need them most.

scteacher 2Teacher- I am the one who is a teacher.  I am the one who sits in the circle of flames and joyfully shares what I know.  I am the one who is apart from AND together with those who are learning.  I am the one who never teaches alone.  I am freely offering what I have been given from the Great Teacher, whose Hand is always available to me for guidance, encouragement , and support.

My wisdom for you as you turn 60 is this- keep on teaching!  This is an integral part of who you are.  And remember, you teach well through your writing, not just from the spoken word.



Angel of Patience- I am the one who calmly and tenderly waters the plants and flowers.  I am the one who is from Beyond.  I am the one who continues my task calmly and with great, tender focus even though a lightning storm rages outside of me.  I am the one who knows that growing things takes time and I am the one who is patient with all growth.

My gift to you is slow and tender patience.  Be patient with your OWN growth my dear one.  And remember this wisdom-

YOU have not stopped growing, just because you are now 60!  There is much more to learn, there is much more growth to incur before you leave this lifetime.  Be tender and patient with yourself.  Be accepting of all storms raging around you.  Maintain tender focus on your own precious growth.

Artist Muse
Artist Muse

Artist Muse- I am also the one who maintains calm and tender focus.  I am the one who is very present amidst my art supplies.  I am the one who breathes the fresh air (through the open door) of new creative projects.  I am the one who taps you on the shoulder and reminds you to JUST DO IT!

My gift to you is the question, “What do you really really want?” And my gift to you also is the direct nudge to find a way to focus and give that, whatever it is, to yourself.

So, you are turning 60?  So what???  No big deal!  Age is just a number, I say.  My wisdom for you about this is a reminder- art is important to you! Art is crucial to YOUR personal and soul growth.  Keep this in the forefront of your mind!  Don’t put me and art on the bottom of your to-do list all the time!  You want to make art journal pages? Go make ’em!  You want to paint and make cards and cut up bigger collages?  Go do that!  Creative art projects keep you young in spirit!  Rejoice in the art play!  Mess around!  Rejoice in all that color!


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