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The Naysayers


Do you ever listen to the voices inside your head?  Yep, we have a veritable Committee of inner parts of our selves; some are there to support us and some, unhappily for us, try to get in our way.  Over the years I have worked with these get-in-the-way parts individually and that’s been invaluable.  But sometimes it feels like all of these parts form a little sub-committee of their own.  I made this Naysayers card to honor that feeling I get when I seem like I’m drowning in negative thoughts.

Who are you?

We are the ones who are stony and solid, rock solid. We are the ones who are blocking your way. We are the ones who stand together and create a united front and even though the weather is nice, we bring darkness and stand among the shadows.

We are the ones who appear to be silent but we whisper in the breezes of your mind.
What wisdom do you have for me today?

Our message for you today is this: We are just parts of your mind. We are not dangerous unless you believe what we are telling you! And look… there are SPACES between us for you to move through easily to the other side. Do not ignore those spaces!