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Television Lover

sctvWho are you?
I am the one who loves to watch TV. I am the one who is entranced by the screen. I am the one who is watching STORIES!  I am the one who is relaxed and engaged and active.  I am the one who gets glimpses into other people, other worlds, other places, when I watch television.

What is your gift to me?
I want to remind you that it is okay to watch television. It is a tool for your growth. The stories you see there relax AND engage you in body and mind and spirit. Do not judge yourself for watching television.  I am an important part of your whole life. Stay tuned to me!  The TV screen is a portal to many other worlds. Watch. Pay attention. Absorb.

What happens when you are out of balance?
This happens when you watch TOO much TV or when you use it as an escape from feelings or important issues that you need to face. It also happens when you set about depriving yourself from programs that you love because you are judging yourself.

Is there anything else you have to say to me today?
Yes!  Some people you know look down on people who watch television because they say it isn’t a “spiritual activity.” I say that, for YOU, is IS a spiritual activity, because you have gained many insights from the characters you are drawn to on your favorite shows.