The Inner Surprises Blog


Who are you?

I am the one who has LET GO and yet I know I am safe because I am attached to Spirit.

I am the one who is relaxed and floating and held.

I am the one who trusts that Spirit is holding and will hold me always, in life as well as in death.

I am the one who has let go of the holding on. I am the one who is letting Another hold me instead.

I am the one who is free.

What is your wisdom for me today?

My wisdom for you today is this: you are in your own place of letting go now.  Continue to practice letting go. Let letting go be a practice.  Every day, as many times as you can. Let go of the negative thoughts, let go of the attachments to food, let go of your fears and doubts.  Breathe.  Ahhhh…. How does it feel to be held by Another?