Mystical Child

May 4, 2006

Mystical Child

Scmysticalchild When I drew a card from my SoulCollageĀ® Deck yesterday morning, I asked “Who will help me deal with the loss of my dear cat Scooter?” This is the card that I drew, and her voice immediately offered me comfort and a subtle kind of peace: I am the one who believes in magic and fairies.  I am the one who talks to angels and animals, and hears them talking back to me.  I am the one who believes in prayer and who prayers frequently and fervently, with faith.  I am the one in direct contact with the Divine.  I am the one who believes in magic and who watches spellbound as rabbits are pulled out of hats and scarves change color in mid-air. I am the one who acknowledges the Mysteries of the universe, who accepts the Mysteries and loves them as they are. I give you a sense of mystery and awe. I give you the knowledge of other realities and the open mind to accept them. I want you to believe in fairies and angels, and to know that dolphins and cats can talk to you.  I want you to see magic everywhere you turn. I want you to pray and to know that your prayers are ALWAYS answered.  I want you to stay connected to the Divine.  What I have to say to you today is this: Scooter has been gone for a week now, but from the first moment you met him, you  asked for Angel Protection for him, because you knew he was a wild free spirit– he told you this, and you listened, you heard him.  You honored his deepest heart’s longings by letting him have his freedom, and you always knew that you couldn’t be the one to protect him, as much as you wanted to.  Now, today, in the midst of your aching grief, I want you to know and to believe that he has and has always had the Angel Protection that you continually asked for.  I want you to have faith that the Angels have honored your request.  It really is that simple.  I also want you to know that all of your inner communication with Scooter was real. He felt safe with you and he loved you fiercely.  Let there be joy and gladness in the midst of your tears and pain, for anytime a wild creature like this is loved so deeply, heaven is full of gratitude and rainbows.

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  1. Those are such beautifully comforting responses to the loss of Scooter. It is wonderful that it is the Mystical Child who responds to this situation. I am glad you are finding a way to come to terms with this sad loss. Be well. My thoughts are with you.


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