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The Long & Winding Road

Six years ago this month (right now!) I was struggling with the knowledge that I had cancer again, for the second time, and that I was facing another long and winding road of treatments including a mastectomy and chemo.  I am posting this card here in honor of both of those “long and winding roads” I traveled through both of my cancer journeys.  It helps me to remember, when I look at this card, that yes those roads were dangerous and scary and cold and lonely, but I kept going through those wintery seasons and now I am standing in a lovelier, warmer place of vitality and creativity.

I especially love this Neter’s message for me (see below) about not looking back anymore on those difficult journeys, but focusing on where I am right now.

I am the one who has come here into this vibrantly alive, red, pink, and orange flower and am standing still in the midst of its lush beauty. 

I am the one whose road to this vibrant place was long and difficult and icy and dangerous and COLD.

I am the one who has come from a cold and wintry place to a place of warmth and color, a place of new, rich, abundant growth.

My message for you today is this- stop looking back on the cold, frightening, difficulties of your cancer journeys.  Be aware of the vitality within your life right now and look ahead to more growth and abundant life.