What the Heck is a Blog, Anyway?

April 6, 2006

What the Heck is a Blog, Anyway?

So you’ve found your way to this beautiful rainbow of a blog, created just for you by Anne Marie!  NOW WHAT???

One or two times a week, Anne Marie will post a message to the blog… a short insight, or one of her SoulCollageĀ® cards and interpretations.  She will be sharing her own unique flavor of SoulCollageĀ® wisdom.

Use the links on the left as resources to assist you in your own soul work.

Use the categories on the right to help you find information on a certain topic within this blog (sorry, that list is kindof short right now…but give it time, and watch it grow as more information and insights are shared!). 

Use the photo albums on the right to take a peek into Anne Marie’s own SoulCollageĀ® deck and receive ideas for your own cards as well.

One more final word of advice…. Look at the bottom of the lavender column on the right.  See the word FEEDBLITZ?  Put your email address in the white box there, and you will receive a short notice every time Anne Marie posts something on this blog. That way, you don’t have to remember to keep checking it to see what’s new!

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