By Anne Marie Bennett

The Little Demo Card That Could

I am sooooo excited about this card, not only because… just look at it… it is breathtaking (to me, anyway!).Ā  Not only that, but mainly because of the way I created it.

I was leading a workshop on Saturday and three of the participants were new to SoulCollage. So I needed to do a little card making demo for them so they could see how a card came together.Ā  I realized this a little late, like about 5 minutes before I was going to have to do it, so I hurried to the table of images and grabbed the first large image that caught my eye… the background of the monks on the floor with the heavy curtains and the light coming through the windows.

Then I looked for an image to go with it and grabbed the baby in the flower because the colors looked right.

And when I was laying that out under the frame so they could see how to do a layout, I realized I needed another image because it didn’t look complete (also part of the demo I was doing… letting them know it’s okay to add and take away images as they create).

So I grabbed the image of the clasped hands, again, because the colors were “right.”Ā  In my mind, I was still making a demo card and only a demo card. I wasn’t making a card for my own deck, or so I thought!

So I glued it all down and showed them that part of the process, then flipped the card over to let it dry and pretty much forgot about it. Near the end, I was getting ready to demo the I Am The One Who… interpretation process and I needed a card to do it with, and I remembered this one, so I trimmed off the edges and when I turned it over and saw what I’d made, WITHOUT EVEN TRYING, I was blown away.

A new card for my deck and I wasn’t even trying to make a new card for my deck!

Even the “bit of sky” between the two clasped hands is an integral part of the meaning of this card, and I didn’t leave that bit of blue sky there intentionally either. I just didn’t want to take the time to find the tiny scissors and snip it out because, after all, I was only creating a “demo” card for my workshop participants!Ā  Ha!

Who are you?
I am the one who is sound asleep in this little flower.
I am the one who rests peacefully knowing that the world is safe.
I am the one who is present with these monks even though they are not aware of me.
I am the one who rides in on the Light of God’s grace.
I am the newborn, the one who is just beginning.
I am the one who represents the powerful, peaceful presence of these monks at prayer.

What do you have to give me?
I give you a sense of safety, that all is well.
I give you a knowing of the presence of God’s grace.
I give you the certainty that you are surrounded by God’s grace and blessing, no matter what.

What do you want from me?
I want you to rest in the awareness of God’s grace.
I want you to know that God is present in all parts of the world, in all religions, places, times, cultures, and to all people. All people.
I want you to remember that the Unseen is sometimes the most powerful of all.

Is there any other message you have for me today?
You are safe. We are here, guarding you, protecting you.
There are many unseen beings surroundingĀ  you today and always. We may not be seen with human eyes, but our presence touches you like the sky touches the whole earth.

Mysterious Connections

Several months ago I made this SoulCollageĀ® card and it really intrigued me. When I let the women on the card speak, this is what they said to me:

We are the ones who want to sail away on these beautiful colored boats. We are the ones who are masked and robed and can’t get into the boats. We are the ones who are hiding ourselves behind these masks and robes. We are the colorful, creative ones, but we are tied to this place and time. We are waiting for you to set us free. Please come and help us reveal our true selves so that we can sail onward to our destiny. We are tired of being covered up. We want the world to see us now!Ā  Are you ready to set us free?

And then… as so often happens with SoulCollageĀ®, I was looking through my deck a few weeks ago for a certain card. And I came across THIS card, which I’d made about 3 years ago and had NEVER really gotten a grasp on what it was about, even though I’d journaled with it several times.

I gasped when I saw this card, because they looked and felt like the same women!

The first card I’ve shared here (above) had really been on my mind, and I’d set it out on my desk so it could accompany me on my daily inner journey. I even had it in my mind that I was looking for some images of women in those same bright colors of clothing so that I could make a new card of these women who had been masked, but were now set free.

So it feels to me like THIS card, made three years before the other one, is kindof like a prequel to that one.Ā  Listen to what they are saying:

We are the ones who are robed and covered. We are the ones who hold offerings in our hands. We are the ones dressed in bright rainbow colors. We are the ones who are staring across the water at the Temple, and at the brilliant Solar Eclipse.Ā  We are the ones who are not allowed across the water. We are the ones who are present and accounted for, but we are held back by the waters of fear and doubt.Ā  There are no sail boats here. We do not know that possibility of freedom yet.Ā  Amazing things are happening “over there,” but we are not allowed to go over there.

I still get goosebumps, when I think that I created that first card, above, having totally forgotten about this other card I’d made three years earlier!

In honor of these inner parts of me, held back by fear and lack of power…Ā  this week I created a new card that represents, for me, the Setting Free of these women, these inner parts of me who are no longer held back, who no longer want to be covered up and hidden.Ā  I found modern women dressed in the same jewel tone colors and glued them against the same background as the boats.

We are the ones who have come into our own fullness and beauty. We are the ones who have taken off our masks and robes and blossomed into strong, powerful, joyful women.Ā Ā  We are the ones who love life and aren’t ashamed of owning our own power.Ā  We are the ones who aren’t afraid to sail away to new inner and outer destinations.

We give you power and strength, vivid color and vibrant life. We give you joy and pleasure in the present moment. We give you creativity and passion.

We are the ones who were in hiding but are now free.


My New Cards!

Here are the cards I made at our 5th Annual KaleidoSoul Retreat last weekend. I am planning to post each one here over the next few weeks and share my “inner surprises” on each one with you!

Anne Marie's 15 New SoulCollages
15 Beautiful, Happy Retreaters
Our SoulCollage Altar
The Chef made us a Happy Birthday cake for KaleidoSoul's 5th Birthday!

First Chakra – Grounded in My Body

I made this card to honor my first, root chakra in a different way, specifically about my physical body.Ā  I’ve been inspired to create these chakra cards because of the tele-classes I’ve been participating in with SoulCollageĀ® Facilitator Jenni Holloway .

Who Are You?

I am the one who loves my legs, my feet,Ā  my body.Ā  I am the one with both feet planted firmly on the earth.Ā  I am the one who allows my feet to show me the way. I am the one who allows my legs to give me support.Ā  I am the one who honors my body, who remembers to point my toes forward when I am standing still or walking.Ā  I am the one who gives my body a healthy foundation.Ā  I am the one whose energy is reflected in the color red.

What Do You Have To Give Me?

I give you strength and poise and a deep reminder that you are connected to this earth.Ā  I give you the pleasure of being in your body.Ā  I give you the reminder that you don’t always have to live in your head.Ā  I give you vibrancy and energy and the deep protectiveness of earth.

What Do You Want From Me?

I want you to know that you are more than what is in your head, more than your thoughts. I want you to stay grounded, to breathe into your legs and feet, and to remember that you have a body and to take care of it always.Ā  I want you to remember me when you see the color RED!

Wake Up- ??? Suit

Scwakeup This is the newest card I’ve made, sometime in September at a SoulCollageĀ® Workshop I was leading at my home.  It’s interesting because I’m not usually drawn to images like the model in the foreground, but I was drawn to her that day and still am now.

I held her up against many background images before settling on this one, which also seemed equally powerful to me.

When I started to do the interpretation, I couldn’t decide which “voice” on the card was the loudest for me, so I did some I Am The One Who‘s from BOTH of them!  And then I did a short dialogue that was really an eye-opener for me.  Here goes:

#1- Woman with the flower: I am the one who is strutting my stuff. I am the one who is whipping around this fragile flower and not even worried that it might break.  I am the one who is immensely confident.  I am the one who does what I want, whatever the HELL I want and everyone else be damned.

#2- Woman in background:  I am the one who is laying back. My eyes are half open. I am the one whose face is half scratched off. I am the one who has a glowing flower over my head, in my crown chakra.  I am the one who is almost asleep, or almost awake… and I don’t know which. #1- Hey you… girlfriend!  WAKE UP ALREADY!!! It’s time to rise and shine and smell the flowers.  Wake up to the Divine, do you hear me girl??? #2- Oh, I don’t know.  I’m kindof wanting to go back to sleep.  Do I HAVE to wake up?  This is very restful like this. #1- YES, Damnit!  Wake up.  WAKE UP.  You have to wake up now.  You’ve had a nice long rest.  Now open your eyes. #2- Do you mean metaphorically or in real time and space? #1- Oh for God’s sakes… stop being in your head all the time… just WAKE UP!!!