Light Up YOUR Holidays This Year!


I am the one who loves the holidays, who celebrates the holidays in ways that give me pleasure and joy.

These next few months can be full of:

* dizzying to-do lists,
* annoying relatives
* unhappy memories
* fatigue
* people-pleasing ploys
* unsatisfying attempts at Martha-Stewart achetypal perfection…



… these next few months can be full of:

* joy
* pleasure
* laughter
* and whatever it is that makes YOUR heart sing during the holidays

It’s YOUR choice!

Choose to lighten up YOUR holiday season this year with this unique SoulCollageĀ® e-book and audio recording by Anne Marie Bennett.


1. 16 page e-workbook

2.Ā  60 minute audio recording

3.Ā  Magical Inner Journey on Lighting Up Your Holidays (audio and script)

4.Ā  5 steps to a more joyful, soul-centered holiday

NOTE: This package is ONLY available until December 8,
so get your copy now!


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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with the holidays for years. I’ve overpacked my schedule and even Martha Stewart would cringe at my to-do lists!Ā  Ever since exploring my holiday “selves” through this SoulCollageĀ® e-book and audio guide, I have curbed the to-dos and started enjoying myself more! This package helped me so much that I work on it early in the season each year to prep ahead of time and remind myself of what the season is all about versus what commercialism and others would claim for it. Some of my favorite cards–that I use throughout the year- stemmed from my work with this e-book/package! This is a worthy investment in ourselves this time of year. It is a gift not only to ourselves but also our friends and family as we are happier and enjoy more with them because we’ve figured out how to lessen obligations and increase celebrating!Ā  —Kate, Massachusetts


Light Up Your Holidays with SoulCollage- E-Book + Audio
Includes 16 page e-workbook, link to a full hour audio recording that goes with the workbook, a Magical Inner Journey to help you find balance during this holiday season, and the script for the Magical Inner Journey.
Price: $24.00