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Keeping You Soul-Focused and Inspired
All Year Long!
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Do you need an inexpensive, colorful reminder of your own soul’s true purpose?

Are you looking for a special gift that keeps on giving throughout the year?

Look no further…

We have exactly what you need!

The Totally Awesome,
2024 Soul Colors Desk Calendar

NOTE: Images on this calendar were either purchased from Dreamstime or Shutterstock, or shared from Pixabay, or Unsplash.
Alan Cohen gives permission to use his quote.

Soul Colors Desk Calendars are:

  • lightweight┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á┬á
  • colorful
  • soul-full
  • compact
  • easy to mail as a gift
  • a gift that speaks to the artist in your soul

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They are perfect for:

  • your desk
  • an office workspace
  • the kitchen counter
  • someone’s night table
  • … anywhere you’d like to be reminded of your soul’s true colors


What’s the Desk Calendar Like?

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Each month features a high-quality, full-color photograph created by our own Anne Marie Bennett, and includes a carefully chosen quotation guaranteed to sing to your soul as each month goes by.

The calendar pages are professionally printed and cut on high quality heavy, glossy card stock. The colors are vivid and bright.

Each calendar is spiral bound at the top and stands on its own.

Measures 8″ x 3.75″

These nifty gifts take up very little space and brighten the day of all who cross its path!


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Customer Reviews

I look forward to buying a KaleidoSoul Desk Calendar every year. The artwork is amazing and I especially love the quotations. I put it on my desk at work and it really has an affect on my stress level from day to day.
— Claire D. Ipswich, MA

I buy 10 of these every year, keep one for myself and give the rest as gifts. Everyone loves them, they’re easy to wrap and mail, plus I know I’m giving a lasting gift.
— Angela S. Virginia Beach, VA

When July came, my sister said, “Your calendar is still on June!” I told her I was still using the great June quotation as motivation and didn’t want to turn the page yet! — Cameron M, Melbourne, Australia

I keep my KaleidoSoul Desk Calendar on my desk at work as a daily reminder of who I am. However, I have to keep going to my coworkers’ desks to find it, because they keep stealing it from me! — Rosalie V., Winter Haven, FL

I really love the calendar. A lot of work has been put into it and it is a great thing to have next to my computer as a reference. — Sandra L., Newton, MA2024 1212 decembe

I love collage and I love quotes. How wonderful to be able to see both when doing something as mundane as checking the date. — Lisa P., Roanoke, VA

I have enjoyed both of my calendars. They were made with love and light, and that is reflected on each page. — Ann, Georgia

I buy at least one every year because every time I need to check the date I’m greeted with a wonderful rich collage and a beautiful quote that reminds me of how brilliant I am! — Lisa P., Roanoke, VA

I keep mine with my SoulCollage┬« stuff and use it on the altar when I meet with my SoulCollage┬« group. — Dot E., Lemoyne, PA


Great Gift!

It’s the best gift idea

  • inexpensive
  • useful
  • beautiful
  • thought-provoking

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Who loves these?

  • creatives
  • anyone with soul
  • people who love quotes
  • SoulCollagers
  • people who love color
  • anyone who wants to stay connected to self and Spirit

They also make great hostess, babysitter, hairdresser, family and office grab bag gifts.

Get started on your holiday gift shopping now… & don’t forget one for yourself!


Money-Back Guarantee

This calendar is 100% guaranteed to lift your spirits every time you look at it (or your money will be cheerfully refunded!) . We’re only happy if YOU are happy!

Ready to Purchase?

These fabulous little calendars are so affordable.

They are beautiful gifts for yourself and those you love…
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