SoulCollage Inspiration

By Anne Marie Bennett

Allison- Community Suit

Scallison I made this card to honor my niece Allison (now 30 years old!) who is getting married this weekend! Who are you? I am the one who has been on a long journey.  I am the one who hugs the world to me, who loves cats, the Goddess, and all things mystical.  I am the one who finds joy in life, who has the wings to fly.  I am the one with my toes in the water, who is a goddess, who has been looked after every step of the way.  I am the one full of sweet green growth.

What do you have to give me? I give you my hugs and my smiles.  I give you a sense of fun and adventure.  I give you the feeling of flight and transformation in that flight. What do you want from me? I want you to stay in touch with family and friends.  I want you to know that life is for living and laughing and loving and doing what makes you happy.

Jumping For Joy- Committee Suit

Scjumpjoy I made this card about four months ago, and yesterday it showed up in my daily reading, so I spent a little time interpreting it (see below).  Oh, I do so LOVE this card!!!  I actually left it on my altar in plain view instead of putting it back in my deck, so I can see it whenever I go past and be reminded of this delicious lovely energy that IS inside of me.

And then a very synchronistic thing happened.  I went to the Y and spent my time on the treadmill, and this time the only treadmills left were in the hall space overlooking the huge gymnastics room.  I noticed there were lots of toddlers and preschool children in there with their moms, but didn’t pay much attention. I read for a while on the treadmill, then one time when I looked up to turn a page, I noticed a little girl in a pink tutu, light skinned and fair haired, and she was bouncing up and down joyfully, gleefully, on the dark blue gym mats.  Then she was running, running, as fast as her little legs would carry her, all the way down the mat, and leaping into a wide bed of foam blocks.  Over and over she did this, my little girl in the pink tutu!  I went back to reading and when I looked up again,there were TWO little girls in pink, jumping for joy in the freedom they’d found in running, leaping, flying, jumping.  When I got my stuff together to leave, there were THREE fair-haired little girls in pink jumping for joy in that gymnastics room, and I smiled to myself all the way home.

Who are you? I am the one who leaps for joy.  I am the one who is jumping for joy.  I am the one who loves frilly girly dresses and the color pink and pretty flowers and going to my dance classes. I am the one who loves getting up in the morning, and going to school, and just everything.  I am the one who takes pleasure in moving my body.  I am the one who is pleased with my own wondrous, special, unique self. What do you have to give me? I give you joy- joy in who you are, joy in life’s everyday gifts, joy in what you’ve been given, joy in your own unique self. What do you want from me? I want you to express your joy a little more each day.  I want you to remember my energy, and consciously tune into it every morning.  I want you to stand up a few times during the day and jump for joy, the way you bounce up and down in the water when you get into the pool!

Divine Child- Council Suit

Scdivinechild This is one of the first cards I made and it showed up today in my Daily Reading.  Especially pertinent to me right now because I am focusing a lot of emotional and spiritual energy on helping myself remain Present (more conscious) in each moment.  I believe that this archetype (and Julianna is a Spirit Guide for me as well) supplies me with the energy to stay Present, among other things. Who are you? I am the one who was the first child created.  I am the essence of your childlikeness.  I am made of stars and wishes and flowers and dreams.  I am the original Child of the Universe.  The universe, and your soul, are my home.  My name is Julianna, and I am with you always.  I am the one who nudges you to play, to stretch, to move, to laugh, to create, to grow, to dream, to simply be.  I am the one who allows myself to be held in the arms of The Great Mother. What do you have to give me? I give you a heart that is full of delight and wonder and noticing in each and every moment.  I give you the ability to forget agendas and schedules and to be in the moment, this moment.  I give you a sacred release from time constraints.  I give you the power and the desire to create, to dream, to play, to laugh, to give freely.  I give you the desire and the ability to let yourself be held and loved fully in the arms of the Divine Mother.

What do you want from me? I want you to be still every day, spend time with yourself in nature every week.  I want you to relax, to let go of worries and your anxieties, and to simply enjoy what your life holds, all that it holds.I want you to stop and smell the flowers.  I want you to experience Joy in its fullest blossoming every moment, every day. How will I remember what you have taught me? When you see the stars at night, you will remember that you too are a child of the universe and you will feel my presence in your heart.  When you hear a child’s laughter you will remember that laughter is my Divine Gift to you.  When you are in a hurry and you see something beautiful or funny, or delightful, you will remember that placein your heart that holds me.

Dancer- Committee Suit

Sc2dancers Here is another card I made several months ago which has been in my deck all this time, longing to be given a voice.  I did the interpretation yesterday, in response to my own Challenge (see June 2)… and this is what I discovered.

Who are you? I am the one who moves in rhythms of color and light.  I am the one who is alive and laughing, and dancing with exotic scarves in bright colors.  I am the one who is fully alive and comfortable in my own skin.  I am the one who loves flowing skirts and scarves.  I am the one who is full of joy in the movement of my own body.  I am the one who lets the vital life force flow through my body, soul, and life.  I am the one who knows how to be present in my body, who loves the feel of my body in movement and dance.  I am the one who loves to dance, to move within circles of wild music and bright colors. What do you have to give me? I give you freedom in moving your body.  I give you a sense of joy and comfort in moving your body.  I give you rhythm as you dance, and I give you a sense of strength and gladness and acceptance of your body. I give you power as you move, power in your body. What do you want from me? I want you to move, to dance, and dance often! II want you to acknowledge your body as powerful, strong, beautiful.  I want you to embrace your vitality, and claim your body instead of cursing and rejecting it.

Fire Diver- Committee Suit

Scfiredive I created this card several months ago because I just liked the two images and how they fit together even though you wouldn’t ordinarily think they went together.  Today I did the interpretation of this card, in response to my own SoulCollageĀ® Challenge to spend some time interpreting a few cards that have been sitting in our decks for a while (see June 2 entry).

Who are you? I am the one who dives into the fire. I am the one who leans in and allows myself to freefall into the volcano of my feelings, my grief, my pain, my anger.  I am the one who falls into a hot seething fire which burns away all negativity and false expectations.  I am the one who freefalls through whatever happens in my life.  And beyond this fiery volcano is a cool, calm, peaceful sky, and a mountain nowhere near as difficult to climb. What do you have to give me? I give you fearlessness, to face whatever inner fires you fall into.  I give you an eagerness to know, to claim, to dive into those inner fiery realms of emotions.  I give you purification because you dared to plunge into the fiery depths of your soul. What do you want from me? I want you to go right into your inner worlds, no matter how scary and hot and dangerous they seem on the outside.