SoulCollageĀ® Cards- Abundance

The Two Sides of Christmas
Suit: Council
Artist: Diane
Location: Maine

I hold the abundance of the universe in my hand.

Gift Giver
Suit: Council
Artist: Imelda
Location: Ireland

I am one who represents the abundant universe. There are always more gifts, and more, and more.

Artist: Roberta
Location: Maryland

I Am the One Who strives to find abundance through the pursuits of my heart. What do you–Money–have to teach me? I give you freedom to do as you wish, to enjoy that freedom with the Ones That Matter. It is OK to want me, to pursue me, even as you serve others. Stay generous of Heart, and I will come to you.

Artist: Lisa
Location: Virginia

I Am One Who relaxes in the realization that the Universe works on my behalf.

I Am One Who trusts that all things work for my benefit.

I Am One Who enjoys complete abundance while enjoying the life I love.

I Am One Who rests comfortably knowing that everything is exactly as it should be.

I Am One who grew in the most unlikely of places.

Artist: Mili
Location: South Carolina

I am one who holds life as a bunch of sunflowers and a bowl full of cherries! When I allow myself to be in the natural flow, receiving with the ease of water spilling over and filling my glass, I open to that which comes to me in celebration. I am one who smiles as I encounter the abundance life has to offer me!

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